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New Guitar driven guitar based rock 2022 2023 2024 2025

by vaughn skow July 11, 2023 2 min read

Okay guitar gang, how many times in the last decade have you heard some lover of great guitar-riff based rock lament the death of guitar driven rock/pop music?  Be honest, how many times have YOU personally made a statement to this end?  And folks, a decade or so ago I was kind of thinking along those same lines, but THEN, I discovered the Great girl-fronted rock being made by bands like The Pretty Reckless, Hailstorm, ZZ Ward, Larkin Poe and other similar acts.  Crap, THAT'S where all the good rock riffs have gone!  Woo-hoo.  Let's talk about it!

Normal life progression is like this:

Don't Get Old In Music Taste

But ... and this is important ... YOU are a musician.  You MUST fight this musical aging.  As a musician, the day you stop listening to new music is the day you officially begin to die and become irrelevant.   Sound like fun to you?  Didn't think so!

But what's a guitar player to do deep into the 2020's?  I mean a solid, simple, uber-cool guitar riff drenched in just the right TONE hasn't been recorded since ... what ... Tush?  Walk This Way?  Smoke on the Water?  Dude, they ARE still being made!  You just have to LOOK to find em, because the brain-dead music suits certainly will NOT feed em down your throat the way they feed corporate crap music. 

So, here is my guide to guitar-riff driven music made in the 2020's. 

If this does not put a smile on your face your either NOT really a guitar player, or your dead.

Larkin Poe: Preachin Blues: 

(And ANYTHING by these gals!)

Dude, straight up stripped-down guitar based blues rock with a HELL of a slide tone , what's NOT to like?

I've LOVED Hailstorm since about 2016!

Listen to Lizzy Hail with Daughtry: Hard, heavy guitar rock's dead?  I don't think so!  Holy Shit, when that iconic crunch rock guitar anthem starts playing ... even Journey fans will immediately crank up the volume, especially if they appreciate epic guitar! And OMG, the VOCALS, Steve Perry ... remind me who he is again ...

And I've saved the best for last.  EPIC ROCK !

Oh The Larceny.  Yeah.  OH THE LARCENY.

Build a Pandora station around ANY Oh The Larceny track, and the tracks I'm about to lay on ya and HOLD on.  Guitar players when you hear all of THIS new style of Rock, you won't have much in the way of lingering nostalgia for days gone by ... check out ALL this format has to offer by acts like:

Cilver,   Zayde Wolf,   Jaxson Gamble,   Icon for Hire.

So I leave you with THESE marching orders, go forth into the scary waters of new music and bring back some seriously cool stuff, it's out there! Fear not.

Spoiler:  Next up ... even MORE new rock you can't live without.Next week ...

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