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Meet the Wacky WGS Bunch!

by vaughn skow January 05, 2011 2 min read

Hi everybody!  Hope you survived the holidays in one piece.  My wife and I are expecting a new baby, a girl, within the next 36 hours; so our REAL Christmas present is arriving a little after Christmas!  I’ll keep you all informed as that unfolds.  Now on to this weeks blog!  I thought it would be good for all of you out there to get to know all of us in the WGS family a little better.  Daniel, the newest (and maybe craziest) member of the WGS team came up with the following bios.  In keeping with Daniel’s crazy style, I added my own to the end of the list.  Okay, ya ready to read all about this whacky bunch?  Then read on...

Wayne- (OEM Sales/Product Specialist)
"The Guru"

Wayne was raised on a farm.  He is America.  With over 40 years experience in the business (beginning at CTS in 1969), he knows more about speakers than you have time to learn.  He can smell a cone and tell if it's good.

Dean- (Builder/Product Development)
"The Builder"

Rumor has it that long ago the Titan of Speaker Tone and The Titan of Chinese-Made MI Products fought a deadly battle.   It looked like all hope was lost when the Titan of Speaker Tone fell to the earth and his head split open.  Out fell tone's deliverer, Dean.  Dean is the undisputed master of infusing quality sound into each speaker that WGS produces.

David- (President)
"El Presidente"

David was born into speakers.  From his humble surroundings in Western Kentucky he has forged a new revolution of tone for the guitar playing world.  It is his heritage.  It's in his blood.

Daniel- (End-User Sales/Quality Control)
"The Connection"

Daniel has worked in Music Retail for over 15 years, taught private lessons and performed in countless ensembles.  He understands how speakers work in the real world of performance.  Even if you need the perfect speaker for Underground Japanese Noise-Core, he'll know what you're talking about.

Vaughn- (Blogger) "Tone Junkie"

Vaughn was also raised on a farm, and built his first recording studio in his dad’s chicken house (dad wasn’t thrilled).  Vaughn’s been a DJ, a journalist, a recording engineer, and even a professional guitar player for a while (still would be if it could just pay the bills).  Vaughn’s hero is Leo Fender, and he has a real sweet spot for vintage Fender guitars and amps.

Well, there ya have it!  Oh, and happy new year every body!

Until next time,  -Vaughn-

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