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Insider info: New Speakers for a New Year

by vaughn skow January 11, 2011 2 min read

Hey fellow tone seekers!  You have probably figured out by now that WGS has a philosophy of keeping the line fairly small, and having every speaker sound great.  We are definitely not one of those speaker companies that have hundreds of speaker models that all sound mediocre yet boast catchy names and gimmicks (you know who I’m talking about).  Shoot, we would rather make only one speaker and have it sound amazing than have a thousand mediocre models!  As such, any new additions to the WGS line-up are in fact big news.  So ya wanta hear some big news?  Well then, read on baby, read on...

Many of you out there already know that the G10 is very close to my heart.  It was while reviewing that speaker for Vintage Guitar Magazine that I became a WGS devote!  The Ceramic version is hands-down the best sounding 10-inch speaker I have ever heard, and the Alnico version is even sweeter yet.  So I am thrilled to announce that WGS will soon begin a special limited production run of smooth-cone G10’s ... wow, for all you old smoothie lovers out there, your dreams have just been answered.  This speaker will do the impossible: sound like a great smooth cone speaker from the early 50’s, yet be able to handle modern RMS levels.  I’ve got dibs on the very first one to come off the line!

The Green Beret is one of WGS’s most loved models, and to a great extent the company made its mark with this amazing speaker.  It’s everything we all love about a greenback, with none of what we hate about a greenback.  Well gang, for 2011 we will begin offering the Green Beret with a 55Hz cone.  This will be THE speaker for folks who want the greenback crunch with a notably meatier bottom.  Ummm, tasty!

And last, the gang in Paducah is also working on a tweaked version of the ET65.  This is still top secret, and I can’t tell you much about it yet, but it’ll take everything you love about the ET65 and add to it, it’s gonna be great, trust me.

Until next time,  -Vaughn-

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