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How to Host A Socially Distanced Concert 2021

by vaughn skow March 01, 2021 2 min read

2020 was a year of great disappointments for live music lovers, musicians, entertainers, venues, and concert promoters alike.  Personally, just as it looked like my new duo was ready to take on the world with a major record deal and great concert opportunities, the world ... stopped!   Far too many of y'all out there had similar experiences, right?  I mean, we went from "2019 was awesome, and 2020 is going to be the most amazing year yet" to "will there EVER be an even decent year ever again?".  Ugg!  Unless you are Jeff Bezos or another of the world's elite billionaires, 2020 probably sucked for you, and your wondering what 2021 has in store.  MUSICIANS are particularly in the cross-hairs of this plandemic ... er, I mean pandemic.  Powerful forces really don't want us to have stuff like ...say ... life, liberty, and ESPECIALLY the pursuit of happiness, which for most of you reading this blog includes playing gigs!  Should we just give in and give up?  I say NO!  Let's fight back while still playing by rules, even as the rules change dramatically on us.

Socially distanced festevial live concert event

You see, just when it looked like the entire industry was grinding to a halt, several inventive, forward-thinking promoters, and sound companies such as Mid-Coast Sound here in Nashville came to the rescue with innovativesocially-distancedprivate "boxes" provided as a seating alternative for outdoor festivals and concert events. The "boxes" were constructed from portable bike racks and kinda looked like little cattle pens.  A little weird?  Yep!  But man, if it allows a concert or even a big time multi-act, multi-day festival to go on as planned, all I can say is COOL BEANS BABY!

Socially distanced festivile Concert 2020

These "boxes" not only allow the suggested distancing between non-household members, but also provided a uniquely profitable seating opportunity to promoters and venues. What a freaking win-win, right?

So my marching orders to you, my fellow guitar slinger and/or band member is this: Want to get back in business? Get back to playing shows?  Interested in hosting your own properly "social-distanced" concert? Figure out how to do like Mid-Coast and make it happen! Think outside the normal box, think different, do whatever it takes, but in the words of Winston Churchill as his country (England) was under threat of annihilation by the Nazis, "NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER!".

I'd love to hear how y'all make it happen as we approach the summer season of 2021, got a little good news, share it! :-)

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