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How Playing Guitar Makes You Better and Improves Your Life

by vaughn skow June 29, 2020 4 min read

How Playing Guitar Makes You Better and Improves Your Life

So, as I write this blog, we are entering month two of the whole "Stay at Home, Save Lives" COVID-19 social virtue du jour. Which means, the number one reason most folks play music (including guitar) is kinda out the window these days.  We primarily play to have healthy, positive, uplifting, encouraging, energizing, and motivating interaction with other like-minded individuals; to bond over the universal world-wide language of MUSIC.  But we're now told that we can't do that, that it would be socially irresponsible.  And so, we are left to play in isolation, like a prisoner allowed to have a guitar in his or her cell.  Kinda hard to get excited about just sitting at home bugging our spouse, isn't it?  So why keep with it?  Why keep putting in the work?  Let's talk about that!

Becoming proficient at a musical instrument makes you smarter.

Albert Eisenstein - music makes you smarter

It's been proven in thousands of studies over hundreds of years.  Don't believe me?  Take Albert Eisenstein's word for it: Albert Einstein's mother was a talented musician who made musical expression a part of daily home life when her children were growing up. Albert Einstein began playing the violin when he was 6 years old. By the age of 13, he was playing Mozart's sonatas. Einstein once said, "Life without playing music is inconceivable to me. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music ... I get most joy in life out of music."  (See this article in Psychology Today).

Go ahead google "Does music make you smarter?"  The answer, 100%: YES!

Brain imagining technology says people who play music not only have higher IQs, but also better problem-solving and multitasking skills than people who don't.(read full article)

brain-imaging music makes you smarter
(A: Brain while playing music, B: listening to music, C. No music present)

Hate Math?  Music can help!

Studies show thatchildren who play instruments are able to complete complex mathematical problems better than peers who do not play instruments. (

Guitar and Math

Literally, there is NO END to the sites you'll find searching "Math and Music", but here is a good place to start:

Music brings peace and calm to the restless mind!

Guitar helps ADHD ADD

Musicians and ADD/ADHD go like milk and cookies, (not speaking from personal experience here at all).  Again hundreds of studieshave proven the concrete benefit of music on improving both juvenile as well as adult ADD/ADHD.  Need a way to train your brain to be able to focus and interact in a healthy and productive way with the world around you?  PLAY GUITAR!

Music Can Cure Your Bad Mood!

Music cures a bad mood

Yep. the science is clear: Music makes us happy!  Hey, y'all ALREADY know this one, right?  I mean seriously, do you really need to even google this one ? :-)

Playing music keeps you young and can ward off Alzheimer's/dementia.

Paul McCartney 2020 age 79

My hero, Sir Paul McCartney age 79.  Who I want to be when I grow up!

I've talked about this before, but research proves that spending serious time learning an instrument and continuing to learn and improve is more powerful than the most powerful anti-oxidant in keeping your memory cells ... well ... remembering!  And I mean, seriously, who doesn't want THAT, right?

Music Makes You a Better Hang!

Guitar makes you have friends.

I've discussed THIS so many times before on my blogs; in the music biz, as in all aspects of life, people don't give a flying rip what you have to say until they have determined you are someone they like and respect.  Respect can never be forced upon someone, nor can it be commanded, it must be earned.  To be truly respected, you must show a form of character and personality that others find desirable.  Music can get you to that point.  Too shy?  Music can give you confidence.  Too talkative?  Music can give you the ability to shut up and LISTEN.  Too pushy and opinionated?  Music can put you in your proper place in a given social structure.

Of all my points, this is probably the most important one ... the lynch pin that holds EVERY aspect of life together! If people don't genuinely LIKE you, no matter what your other attributes, you're screwed.

So, what, then can playing guitar (or another instrument) NOT help?

Well, speaking from experience, it won't make you taller or bring your hair back, but it WILL do something even MORE important: it will give you the self-confidence to not care about those insignificant things, and that's ultimately of infinitely higher importance!  But as far as I can tell that's about it.  From curing cancer to alleviating psychosis and addictions and giving people their lives back, music is the ULTIMATE brain food, and as such, it can help with anything brain related.  So folks, even if you CAN'T get out and play, don't stop playing!  Soon enough, you'll be back to playing with cool people eye-to-eye, so when that glorious day comes ... be ready!

Benefits Of Playing Guitar:

benifits of playing guitar

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