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Guitar Shows are GREAT!

by vaughn skow December 07, 2010 2 min read

I’m really no different than the average WGS aficionado.  Very, very few of my guitars or amps have come to me in any of the "usual" ways.  It’s not that I don’t love music stores - I do, really!  However, most of my gear arrives having first been pawned, or set out at a yard sale.  I love a great deal, and I love used gear, too.  I like to say that I don’t feel comfortable playing a guitar that doesn’t have more experience than I do; same goes for an amp.  I love gear with "experience".  That’s why I love guitar shows.

At The Music City Guitar Show

This past weekend I attended the Music City Guitar Show in Nashville as a dealer.  That was a first for me. Usually I go looking to pick up bargains, this time I packed up the van and went ready to pass along some bargains to other folks!

No matter where you live, you’re probably within driving distance of a handful of annual guitar shows, maybe more.  Do a quick Google search to find them.  My suggestion to you: go!  At a guitar show, you will find plenty of gear with experience.  Weather you like vintage Fender or Supro amps, old Gibsons or old Silvertones, you will find them all at a guitar show.  What’s even better (for you, the buyer anyway), is that prices on vintage gear have came way down in the last couple of years. 

Oh, and for someone like me with a new baby on the way and a new house to pay for, a guitar show is also a nice way to generate a little quick revenue.  Hey, I’m doing my part to keep the economy moving!

Until next time,  -Vaughn-

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