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Guitar Players - Once Again I urge You To Play at Church

by vaughn skow January 11, 2022 1 min read

So, you all have heard me say it before, but in these days of Covid crap almost obliterating the live music industry, it's more important than ever!  You see, all through this supposed crisis, I've kept playing almost every weekend.  How?  I play at several Churches.  Guitar, bass, and drums, depending on the need.  And man it's a blast.  Of course, it doesn't hurt that I'm in Nashville, an area just brimming with full-on Pro level musicians, so my band-mates are almost always exceptional people to play with.  But, wherever you are, isn't any time spent out playing with other living, breathing musicians better than NOT getting to play at all?

Musicians playing in Church

Here is one secret:  If , like me, you are not terribly picky about what instrument you play, or what style music your playing, then swing buy a bunch of churches in your areas, particularly those known for having awesome music, and introduce yourself to the Worship leader, or whoever is the band leader. Let them know you are a guitar player, and you would love to fill in when the need arises, and if you can also play pretty decent bass, drums, or keys, let them know that you'd also be down with filling in on one of those slots.  I promise that if you're any good, you'll be playing every weekend in no time while also greatly enlarging your circle of music buddies, which is always a good thing!

Now darn it, just DO it!

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