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Guitar Players Have Much To Be Thankful For! (A Nerd with a guitar is COOL)

by vaughn skow November 22, 2017 2 min read

Guitar friends, as I pen this blog my family and I are preparing for Thanksgiving.  Okay, stop and re-read that last sentence.  Ya know what that is?  It's a freeking MIRACLE, that's what it is.  Me ... a family?  Wow.  Go back to middle-school and ask any one who knew me what they thought the chances were that I'd wind up with a melt-the-paint-off-the walls hot wife, a couple of kids, a nice house, and well ... a pretty darn good life.  NADA!  I was a mess on all angles; short with a chip on my shoulder, a bad attitude, zits, socially beyond awkward.  Me, married?  Nope, wasn't gonna happen.  But at age 13 everything changed; I got an electric guitar and amp and I learned how to play and sing some rock songs.  Yep, my cool switch clicked from the "off" position into the "on" position.  My south-ward trajectory suddenly turned upward.  And so I find myself some 4 decades later still reaping the coolness that being a guitar guy brings.  And I'm gonna say right hear and now loud & proud:  I do not take it for granted, I am blessed, and ... I AM GRATEFUL!

Seriously, how many lives has music saved from the trash-heap of history?   Too many to count!  Take Ringo Star for instance; small, sickly, with allergies and asthma ... how cool would he have been without the MUSIC?  I'd say probably about as cool as I would have been!  As I pen this, Ringo is pushing 80 and is STILL cool as all get out.  Man, the beauty of youth is certainly not on my side at this point either, and sometimes life gets me down, but then I pick up a guitar ... and then it picks ME up!  That's EXACTLY how guitars work ... first YOU need to pick THEM up and learn how to frikin play, and then, for the rest of your life, they will pick YOU up.  Cool, right?  Worth being thankful for?  Yep.

Two final points for gratitude:

1. This "CYBER MONDAY" (2017) EVERYTHING on the WGS website is 15-percent off.  From T-shirts to speakers to my hand-made pickups ... everything!           (CODE: THANKS2017)

2. Remember fellow nerds just what your life would be like without a guitar:

A Nerd is NOT a Nerd with a Guitar!

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