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Burriss Royal Bluesman Part Two: Live & In-Person!

by vaughn skow August 17, 2011 2 min read

Howdy once again!  Last week we began our exploration of the tonal landscape of the Burriss Royal Bluesman.  This week we get right down to the nitty-gritty, letting the little blue gal purr through almost every 12-inch model in the WGS line.  If you’re lookin’ for my comments you’ll find them after this here video, enjoy:

Okay, now for the whole story:

All of us present were blown away by the fact that the Royal Bluesman sounded flat-out fantastic through each and every speaker we tried it through, something none of us had ever experienced before.  Every combination yielded a different sonic palate, but any one of them could be considered truly exceptional.  We Loved, loved, loved the RB with the ET65; so rich and juicy!  In the end, we were all surprised to feel as though the G12C was the best fit for the little 18-watter.  That combo was still nice and meaty, but had a little more three-dimensional sound, a very pleasing sparkle on top, and a good amount of clean headroom. 

Other speakers that really caught our attention with the Royal Blue were the Green Beret and Invader, if we were going for a total classic rock crunch, these would be the top choice.  The Green Beret especially caught the essence of classic rock tones in a very reassuring way.  All in all, though, the Royal bluesman just rocked our world; this amp takes you by the hand and says "I’m here for ya friend, you just worry about playing".

Last, I’ve totally gotta give my thanks and props to Brad Sample for once again taking the time to help out with our little listening tests.  Brad’s band, Run With Bulls is heading out on their first stadium tour, catch them at a show near you!

I leave you with brad’s overall thoughts on the Royal Bluesman.  See ya next week tone-junkies of the world!

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