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Best Replacement Speaker For Peavey Bandit

by vaughn skow September 13, 2021 2 min read

Okay tone friends, today we discuss one of the most humble and under-rated amps of all time.  In production for nearly 40-years, the Peavey Bandit is an amp you are VERY likely to run across in a pawn shop, used music store, or stage near you!  The amp has been through several cosmetic changes over the decades and has had slight circuit tweaks, but two things remained constant: 1) they ALL sound decent, and 2) They are ALL 1x12 combos.

Peavey Bandit lineup

The easy way to make a Bandit go from decent sounding to great sounding is a simple speaker swap!

No matter which model Bandit you own, the biggest problem with the tone is that it's just a little to ... errr, 80's solid-state sounding. It just doesn't have the warm-fuzzy thing going, especially when played dirty.  Now, these amps have had a BUNCH of different speakers in them, and the 80's models with the Scorpion are the best sounding of the bunch, but they ALL can use a speaker upgrade to be all they can be, and sound a LOT like a good tube-driven combo.  And the cool thing is, because they all were 1x12 combos, and all sounded about the same, the fix is the same no matter which model you may own: The WGS ET-65.

WGS ET65 replacement speaker for Peavey Bandit

This is the speaker that will add a good bit of warm organic goo to that lil SS gal, and really sweeten her up!  So there ya have it, now go for it :-)

For a little more reading on Peavey's long list of sleeper amps, check out this blog.
See y'all next week!

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