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Announcing the WGS12L!

by vaughn skow June 24, 2014 2 min read

Wooo-hooo!  What an awesome day to be alive and playing electric guitar!WGS 12L WGS12L

I’m so jazzed to announce the formal release of a speaker that has been in the rumor-mill for quite some time: The WGS12L. 

Yes, this is the WGS take on the fabled Electro-Voice WEVM12L.  Rreleased way back in 1973, this was the speaker that allowed folks like Randall Smith to build amps like his Mesa-Boogie 1x12 100-watt combos.  Before this time, that amount of power was strictly the domain of multi-speaker rigs. In its day, the EVM12L was a real game-changer.  The 12L was a direct descendant of speakers designed for high-power PA use, but it was re-engineered to sound good as a guitar speaker while retaining its extraordinary (for the time) power handling ability.  I’ve called Tennessee home for for nearly the last 30 years, and I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for the EVM12L because it was made exclusively at the E-V plant in Newport, Tennessee from its inception in 1973 until that plant was closed in 2002.  Yea, that was a sad day; and it could be argued that the EVM12L (and its big sister the 15L) have never been quite the same since.  This may be a small part of the impetus behind the development of the WGS12L.

To this day, some contend that no one has ever made a guitar speaker capable of over 100-watts RMS that can hold a candle to the tone of the EVM12L.  That may have been true YESTERDAY, but not TODAY!  Enter the WGS12L.  The WGS12L can compete head-to-head against an authentic Newport, TN made EVM12L on any possible level, and boy-howdy is the WGS12L a looker!  Sporting a hammered black & silver powder coat finish on its massive frame, this speaker is one serious sight to behold.  Like the E-V, the WGS12L is massive, but it’s also GORGEOUS at the same time; no one’s ever said that about an EVM12L.

So, how does this bad-girl sound?  Well … it just so happens I’ve got a video to answer that question!  You all saw that one coming, didn’t you?  I’ll give you a quick summary:  clean, they almost can’t be told apart … they’re THAT close; dirty they start to sound just a LITTLE different … with the WGS12L having just a SLIGHT bit more upper “edge” than the EVM.  But shoot … y’all take a listen & let me know what YOU think.  Keep in mind that the WGS12L is straight out of the box with zero break-in time.

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