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Andy Rooney

by vaughn skow October 03, 2011 2 min read

If you have liked even one single thing that I have written in the past year and a half of this blog, I almost certainly stole it from Andy Rooney.  Andy has been my writing mentor for decades now; not officially of course; Mr. Rooney doesn’t do that type of thing.  His take on the whole idea would be something to the effect of "I’d never mentor any one so ignorant as to want me as a mentor".  Rooney has taught by example.  I, like generations of Americans, grew up mesmerized by his ability to distill big concepts down to a few flawlessly chosen words ... small words, at that.  I own every book he’s authored, but I especially love his short pieces on the television show 60 Minutes.  Last night was Rooney’s last regular contribution to the 60 Minutes television program.  I love how Rooney made it clear that he was not retiring "writers never retire".  Amen brother, that’s part of what fuels this writers flame.  Call it what you like, I call it a huge journalistic void.  An expanse where complex and courageous men use simple, direct words to effectively convey confusing and complex subject material.  There is no "spin" or "political correctness" in the world of folks like Andy Rooney; right is right and wrong is wrong, plain and simple.  I pray I can fill just a little nook in that void. 

Generally speaking, Rooney wrote about the stuff of daily life; I do too ... if you are a guitar player, that is.  Just recently, however, Rooney crossed over into "our" world when he took on "pop" music.  I wonder how many of us agree with Rooney’s dismal take on the current state of mainstream music.  Quite a few, I’d wager.  One of my audio students mentioned in class today that 1994 was "music’s worst year ever", when asked why, he replied "That’s the year Kurt Cobain died, and Justin Bieber was born". 

A couple of notes:  first, I’ll be back to the "pic" topic next week as promised, and second, I’m giving our three t-shirt winners another week before we announce a winner ... since our last winner is just now getting his shirt.  Be sure to check the facebook page and vote (like) your fav. Pic.  The winner gets a free speaker!  And now, a few minutes with Andy Rooney:

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