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American Made … does it still matter?

by vaughn skow December 19, 2015 3 min read

American Made - Warehouse Guitar Speakers

A pic I snapped a couple years back at the WGS plant, I think this picture really does say 1000 words!

It’s almost Christmas, 2015 as I pen this blog.  Over the years I have written a number of blogs on what you could call “Pro-America” topics.  I just can’t help it.  I feel so genuinely blessed to have been born in the time & place where I was.  And, I’m totally grateful for having been born an American.  In the history of the world, there has never been a better place.  I won’t re-hash old feelings here … at the end of this blog I’ll have a list of OLD blogs for you to get that!  So, let’s move on to my thoughts as of TODAY, December, 2015.

We have all heard that overseas manufacturing is getting “better”, especially in China.  Quality is still all over the map, but at least is seems as though the Chinese are CAPABLE of making a decent product.  Furthermore, we are a decade or so into the Wal-Mart economy of “Always the Cheapest Price, Always”.  We love cheap stuff … so why not just have our stuff made wherever we can get it the cheapest?  Well, as you’ve already guessed, I happen to have some answers to that question.  Here are some compelling reasons.

  1. The easy one:  as much as we love our cheap stuff, we fail to realize that at its core China is still a Communist country; human rights violations are still at a level that’s totally un-fathomable. In China, internet access is still “filtered”, as is all knowledge of the outside world.1
  2. World pollution and global warming.  Sure China can make stuff cheap.  They have nearly no environmental regulations.  My God, Chinese coal-fired power plants and factories belch crap like it’s still 1949!  We’ve all seen the Chinese in the cities wearing their surgical masks in an effort to avoid the air pollution, but in fact their air pollution is now a WORLD WIDE problem.  Today, much of the “smog” in California actually originates in China, and makes its way across the Pacific.  2
  3. Do we really want the Chinese pay level and work standards to become the world’s new “standard”?  Because, every time we move a job from America to China, that’s what we are voting for.  The Chinese work standards are nearly the same as America’s … in the 1800s!  Work 10-hour plus days in horrific conditions for mere dollars a day and sleep in a company cinder-block cubical.  Yea, sounds like the lifestyle I want to support.3
  4. China already “owns” America.  How long can this go on?  One day China will call us on our debt to them, and as America grows Trillions and Trillions further in debt each and every year … we will NEVER be able to pay those debts.  Neat way to take over a country, huh?  Get all the people of America to send you money to make their crap … and then lend that money back to them.5
  5. Pardon my “French”, but damn it, where is our PRIDE in a job well done?  Personally, when I make a guitar pickup, I feel proud and satisfied to have produced a truly excellent product that will enrich the lives of those who use it … and the knowledge that, just like a vintage Fender guitar, those pickups will still be making great music long after I’m gone.  I know the folks at the WGS speaker plant in Paducah feel the exact same way.  The gentleman pictured below assembleing a speaker in Paducah makes a solid living, and goes home to a nice house ... and yes, he takes great pride in what he produces!American-made WGS Speakers
  6. Simple economics.  Can ANY society remain viable when they stop actually PRODUCING anything? Can a society of ALL consumers actually survive?  No.

Darn it folks, when you are buying your Christmas presents, look to see where the stuff’s made, and consider what you want to support and encourage.  Okay, that’s it.  It’s been a while since I’ve stood so proudly on my lil’ soapbox.  For earlier installments, see:

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