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A Tribute To Wayne Whelan

by vaughn skow August 25, 2017 1 min read

Wayne Whelan was one genuinely cool guy.   In the music biz, everyone trys to be cool; Wayne didn't try ... he just was.

An educated electronics engineer, Wane was usually the smartest guy in any room, but you'd never guess it because his intellect was only overshadowed by his down-to-earth modesty.   A true "man of the world" in every sense, Wayne traveled the globe as an electronics engineer with the United States Air Force during his young adult years.  Out of the Service, he became a true loudspeaker expert, lending his talents to many fine US and overseas speaker manufacturers before finding a home as Sales Manager at Warehouse Guitar Speakers.  Wayne was instrumental in developing WGS into the respected company it is today, developing the products and promoting them.  If Wayne said they were good, folks knew they really were; Wane didn't say much, and when he did you'd better listen.

Wayne fought and won a tough battle with cancer several years ago.  We lost Wayne to his second battle with Cancer last week.  I speak for every member of the WGS family when I say that my life is better for having known Wayne Whelan.  The speaker industry has lost one of the greats, but the loss is most poignant for Wayne's family and friends, to whom we at WGS express our condolence.  We are all grateful to have had Wayne as an integral part of Warehouse Guitar Speakers.
Wayne Whelan

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