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A Thanksgiving Blog

by vaughn skow November 23, 2010 3 min read

Okay gang, I’ve been keeping my wandering little artsy-fartsy brain in check and doing a pretty good job of keeping this blog on the topic of speakers, tone, guitars, amps, and that kind of stuff.  But it is Thanksgiving this week after all, and Dave just posted a blog on Hash brown Casserole ... so I figure I deserve a little poetic license to blog about whatever in the heck I feel like this time around.  I feel like talking about Thanksgiving.  Let’s go!

I darn sure don’t act like it, but I’m more-or-less what you would call a middle-aged man.  I’ve lived long enough to see some serious paradigm-shift in the way Thanksgiving and Christmas are looked at and celebrated.  Of course we all know that it’s terribly politically incorrect these days to acknowledge that Christ has anything to do with Christmas, but darn it, now they want to take the "thanks" out of thanksgiving.  Largely due to ultra, ultra leftist America-hating nut jobs like Howard Zinn, college students everywhere are being taught that everything America (and Americans, for that matter) has ever done has been wrong.  I know this because I just went back to college a couple of years back to complete a long overdue college degree.  History, it seems, has been totally re-written and is turned around 180 degrees from what I was taught a couple of decades ago.

You may not know it, but there is absolutely nothing in our country’s history to be proud of; and there is most certainly nothing to be thankful for ... or at least that’s what is being taught in college these days.  Accordingly, we Americans should be downright ashamed of ourselves for being a part of such a despicable society.  Of course, the idea of "Thanksgiving" is outdated anyway, it infers that there is a God to be thankful to, and we all know how out of vogue that concept is these days.  Let’s just change the holiday to a national day of saying "I’m sorry for being an American".  Maybe on this day, instead of gathering around a table with family and friends to count our blessings, we can gather in intellectual focus groups and discuss all the damage America has done to the world in general.

Maybe one day, if we really change our ways, we can be a country that can do as much good for the planet as say, North Korea, or Iran.  Now, that’s really something to strive for!

Okay, sorry for all the sarcasm, sometimes I just can’t help myself.  If the revisionists keep rewriting history, Hitler will be the greatest human ever to walk the earth, and George Washington and Abe Lincoln will be tied for biggest scoundrels.  I pray to God we return our college campuses back to a positive, healthy and rational environment for young and easily molded minds before it’s too late.  I sounded pretty politically incorrect there, didn’t I?  Guilty as charged! 

For now, here is wishing you a HAPPY THNKSGIVING! Oh, and just to give you a little warning, I might go so far as to say Merry Christmas in a few weeks.  I don’t think you can be arrested for saying that in this country ... yet.

Next week, I’ll be bringing you the greatest sleeper amp of all time - this is the amazing deal you all want! -Vaughn-

Until then, maybe this will get you in the Thanksgiving mood:


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