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A Salute to Buck Owens and The "American" Guitar

by vaughn skow July 04, 2017 1 min read

Howdy folks, as I pen this blog it is approaching the 4th of July and I just read this fun little blog about "The Most Patriotic Guitars Ever".  It was a fun read ... but ... it left out what I feel is probably the most Patriotic of all guitars, those famous Red, White, & Blue beauties played by guitar pioneer and mentor to sooo many, Mr, Buck Owens.  Let's talk about that.

Buck and his right-hand man, Don Rich created the famous "Bakersfield Sound"; many serious Tele string-benders will flat-out tell ya that sound is the Tele at it's absolute best.  My buddy Marty Stewart has always spoken of Buck as a real mentor ... especially where Tele Tone is concerned.  Sooo many players got their start with, or were encouraged by Buck and Don, read this great article from Vintage Guitar for the looong story!  I just feel it was an injustice to not include Bucks American guitars in the "Most Patriotic" list, and so I say we must include these:

1. His Harmony-made "Buck Owens American" acoustic, seen by Billions over the years on Hee-Haw:

Buck Owens American Acoustic

2. His super-flashy American Tele:

Buck Owens American Red white blue Tele Telecaster

If by chance you are an aspiring player who for some reason has not acquainted themselves with the pure Tele bliss of the the Bakersfield sound, please do so immediately, it'll seriously widen your musical horizon.  Here is a good place to start:

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