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A Journey Begins

by vaughn skow May 11, 2010 2 min read

A Journy Begins

Hi, and welcome! This is huge. Right here and now, we are about to embark on a journey together - a journey through time, space, and really great guitar tones - plus whatever else tickles my fancy. You never know where I may lead you, so it’s vital that you have complete trust in me (okay, not really, but I do have a bit of an ego). To learn all the details of my illustrious and sorted past, click on “about me”; if you prefer an abbreviated history, it goes like this: I’ve been a Nashville based recording engineer, producer, and guitarist for the past 25 years (and growing). I’ve also spent time as a DJ, a live sound engineer and worked extensively in sound for picture. I have all kinds of neat little statuettes and plaques honoring my achievements. And finally, I taught audio and acoustics at Volunteer State College in Gallatin, TN from 1998 to 2007. Oh, and of course I’m a bonafied guitar tone geek with a really bad amp/speaker fetish.

Rest assured, we’ll definitely spend some time thoroughly exploring the speaker universe - this blog is hosted by a speaker manufacturer after all - but it will go way beyond just speakers. We’ll often divert to Amp land; also expect stop-overs in the regions of live performance, guitars, tech tips, recording tips, and every now and then the nebula of wild hairs and soap-box rantings. It’s gonna be great - trust me!

Okay, let’s launch this blog with an awesome contest. Below is a pic of me with several of my best friends. It’s a motley crew to say the least; ranging from weathered old senior citizens to sexy young babes. So here is your task: Try to identify all of them! If you think you’ve got it, email your results to If you don't mind, please also include a list of any WGS speakers you own, and a short testimonial or comment on them.  Oh, and also, when you enter the contest you will automatically be subscribed to the WGS newsletter! Here’s a hint: some of them are not necessarily what they appear to be - Chevrolet, for instance, has never actually made a guitar amp! The first entry to get them all correct will win a free WGS speaker! Pick your choice of a Reaper, an HM75, a Veteran 30, or a Green Beret. If no one gets them all correct, the closest entry will win - so even if you don't think you can get them all, be sure to give it your best shot. Extremely cool, huh? I’m so plumb loco that I’m going to do this not just this one time. I will be giving speakers away several more times over the next few months - so be sure to subscribe to this blog and read it religiously baby! Okay, let’s get started. Ladies and gentlemen let the voyage - and the contest, begin! Good luck, see ya next week. Seriously, it's gonna be great, trust me.


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