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2011 Year-in-Review: WGS Chooses Not To Participate In The Recession

by vaughn skow January 04, 2012 2 min read

Man, oh man was 2011 a GREAT year!  Now that might not be true for everyone everywhere, but it sure is true at WGS.  Yea, the national housing market spent the year in shambles, our federal government went another Trillion dollars in debt, and National unemployment was still stuck in the 10% range.  And sure it’s true that the EU is reeling from a spending spree on the part of some of its member states that might just bring the whole house of cards down.  Too bad the world’s leaders don’t follow WGS’s example. You see, our 2011 headline reads: WGS Chooses Not To Participate In The Recession ... READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Let’s run the WGS stats for 2011:

  • Number of employees laid-off: Zero.
  • Sales figures: The best yet.
  • New models introduced:  Four.
  • Company moral: positive and contagious.

Spin the facts any way ya want, 2011 was a good year in WGS land.   In fact, this past "Cyber Monday" saw more sales than any other single day in WGS history.  Don’t worry, though, WGS will never be one of those companies that gets wildly successful, goes public, and then fires everybody and moves production to whatever country has the cheapest labor and/or loosest environmental laws.  No way!  Success means one thing to WGS:  it ain’t broke, so it don’t need any fixing.

Next week I hope to give you a little insight into just how the magic happens at the WGS factory.  For now I’ll leave you with this wonderful pic of budding young tone-masters in the making.  Ain't they cute at that age?

WGS Speakers in Production

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