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Sound Hearing

My next few weekly blogs will concentrate on what speaker specs really mean to us guitar players in the “real world”.  I wanted to jump right in to a discussion of efficiency, frequency range, and so on – but I realized that I was getting a little ahead of myself. When I teach introductory audio engineering classes, I always start with a day or so on what sound actually is and how the human ear “hears” it.  Since this is so basic to anything and everything audio, I decided it was prudent here as well.  I’d like to point out that the human ear is in fact an electro/...


Today’s blog is for the benefit of all the “entertainers” out there, specifically singer/songwriter types – but if you ever take to the stage in any capacity, this is for you too!  There’s an old saying that goes like this: “A bad sound-check means a good show … and a good sound check means a bad show”.  As a veteran of thousands of shows, I think I might amend that to read “Little to no sound-check at all often means a great show … and a long painful sound-check usually means a sucky show.  Do I sound plum loco to you?  Maybe I have some explaining to do… I’ve...

A Journey Begins

Hi, and welcome! This is huge. Right here and now, we are about to embark on a journey together - a journey through time, space, and really great guitar tones - plus whatever else tickles my fancy. You never know where I may lead you, so it’s vital that you have complete trust in me (okay, not really, but I do have a bit of an ego). To learn all the details of my illustrious and sorted past, click on “about me”; if you prefer an abbreviated history, it goes like this: I’ve been a Nashville based recording engineer, producer, and guitarist for the past 25 years (and growing). I’ve also...

David's pumped about the new blog!!!

 The new site is looking awesome!  We are going to have a bunch of schwag to give away, and a great guy named Vaughn Skow running the blog.  Check back each week for a new tidbit of information that is sure to improve your tone!