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Vox Super Continental Organ - Software Can't replicate this Baaaby!

Vox Super Continental Organ - Software Can't replicate this Baaaby!

Hi gang, I know this is generally a GUITAR blog, but man, a classic rock tone monster like this just can't be ignored!

Vox Super Continental Organ V-303E

This classy ole' gal came into my shop to be checked out and any needed repairs made.  Even though she had been in storage for many years, the repairs were surprisingly few!  And when she was don, well it was just like a magic carpet ride back to the psychedelic 1960s.  Y'all check out the video at the end to see just how quirky and cool she is.  The thing that kept popping into my mind was that the software imitations of these keyboards are so stupidly boring and generic sounding compared to the real thing.  Guitar players rejoice; if they can't get this keyboard right ... it'll be a LOOOONG time before they successfully emulate a guitar :-)

Enjoy these pics, and check out the video!
Vox Super Continental Organ V-303E

Vox Super Continental Organ inside guts repaired
Vox Super Continental Organ inside electronics repair
Vox Super Continental Organ drawbars
Vox Super Continental Organ controls
Vox Super Continental Organ side view
Vox Super Continental Organ logo
And now ... the video!
10/31/2017 9:11am

The Continental came in two essential models, each with its own varieties. The fundamental models were the single manual Continental, and the double manual Write my Assignments Now which was recognized as the Vox Continental II in England and the Vox wonderful Continental in Italy.

11/04/2017 2:38am

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11/07/2017 11:33am

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This tasteful ole' lady came into my shop to be looked at and any required repairs made. Despite the fact that she had been away for a long time, the repairs were shockingly few! Furthermore, when she was wearing, Do my Essays for me UK well it was much the same as an enchantment cover ride back to the hallucinogenic 1960s. Y'all look at the video toward the conclusion to see exactly how peculiar and cool she is. The thing that continued flying into my psyche was that the product impersonations of these consoles are so idiotically exhausting and nonexclusive sounding contrasted with the genuine article.