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Gibson Guitars in 2019 - Looking Good, VERY Good!

Gibson Guitars in 2019 - Looking Good, VERY Good!

Howdy Gang.  After a couple of my previous blogs about how awful Gibson's quality had fallen and what stupid decisions they were making with the guitar models and features they were offering ... this blog might come as a bit of a shock.  Shoot, just a year or so I was even skeptical as to if Gibson even COULD stage a comeback!  But let me explain.  In the past weeks I've had several 2019 Gibson guitars on my bench; a Les Paul and a 335 for pickup upgrades and a J45 acoustic for a setup tweak.   Man, I gotta say that all three were really fine guitars, shoot as good as anything Gibson's produced this side of 1960 ... seriously!

2019 Gibson ES-335 Studio Pickup upgrade

This 2019 335 "Studio" blew my mind, a totally pro level guitar, even the stock '57 classic & 57+ pickups were not bad ... but I could still improve on them with my Historic 1957 PAF set, of course!

Along with the quality improvements in the guitars, as witnessed by my own eyes, the insanity of forcing UNWANTED features upon potential buyers seams to have been brought to a screeching halt.  Some may remember my endless complaining about the 2015 lineup when even the stripped-down rocker, the Les Paul Junior was ONLY offered with those crappy auto-tuners (ugg) ... well baby cast your eyes on the 2019 Junior DC Tribute ... this is the guitar folks want when buying a Junior!

2019 Gibson Les Paul Junior DC Tribute

One last bit of encouraging news:

Wile I personally have not yet met any of the new top execs at Gibson, many of my friends in the industry have, and they describe them as cool guitar fanatics who "get it"; wow has that been needed at Gibby for some time now!  And so I'll make this a short blog and end by saying we can all sleep a little sounder at night knowing a great American guitar manufacturer has once again found it's compass :-)

05/04/2019 5:51am

they have way to many models the the best neck they made the 60s neck I can not find in a non chambored les paul what the fire truck is with all this weight relief and chamboring if i wanted a fender I would buy a fender that ruin a great guitar now if I want a new les paul I have to buy a 2009 or earlier gibson les paul is my most favorite guitar but nothing they have built I would buy the last I bought new was a 2013 les paul custom it is awsome but they have screwed up the custom guitars now I thought with these new owners of gibson they were going to go back to the guitar builds of the early days now it is make as much junk they can to just make a buck that is why so many gibson fans are finding other guitars to get behind I have even bought a strat fender is a dirty word for me but this fender is a rare sounding strat almost a gibson sound I have actually found this wolf guitar that seems to be a very good guitar still have to change pups like all new guitars

Wm Anderson
11/16/2019 5:27pm

50 minutes, a good look at today: