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Best WGS speaker for Reason Bambino head into 1X12 cab

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05/01/2012 10:50am

Hi all!

First, I was referred to WGS by the guys at Reason.  I have just received from them the Bambino head, and I want to use it with a 1X12 cab(yet to be acquired, but will be an open back cab).  This head is good for both clean and dirty tones.  I know a tall order, but which speaker would be very good at both?  I am not interested in metal high gain, but am certainly interested in Journey-type high gain.  The guys at Reason really like the Bambino with the Black n Blue (in a 2X12).  Would this speaker hold up with the 8 watt Bambino cranked?  If so, would I be able to get good Marshall gain tones out of it (with right amp settings and right pedal, of course)? Or, would the Retro 30 be a better choice...or the Blackhawk?

Any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated.


I forgot to mention: I'm currently playing this through a Scumback H75 LDC, using only one speaker in a 2X12 cab.  It sounds good but I think could be better.  I'd like more top end chime, sparkle, without ANY harshness.  Also, I do not need any more low end.  There is plenty of lows and low-mids.  But, I would like the lows to remain tight, clear.  And I do not want increased volume.  I bought this amp in hopes of having great tube tone at lower home-use volumes.

Whatever speaker I end up with is going into a 1X12 open back cab.

Any suggestions or thoughts would be much appreciated!

05/21/2012 10:54am

I've got a Reason Bambino Grande 1x12 combo and I tried a bunch of speakers with it and I eventually settled on the WGS Blackhawk HP based on recommendations from WGS.

It has a nice chimey sparkley clean tone yet distortion sounds smooth.  I think it has the perfect amount of tight low end for an open back combo.  It has just enough upper mids so your solos sing.

Having owned a Scumback H55 in the past, which is the most inefficent speaker I've owned, I'm assuming the Blackhawk HP will be louder.

Also the Blackhawk is less colored, more neutral, and more clean sounding than something like a Scumback speaker.

Here is an archived discussion of my search for a speaker:

Here is a video I made of the Reason Bambino Grande with the Blackhawk HP speaker:

I bought a second Blackhawk HP to use with my Gibson GA-15RV 1x12 combo amp too and I'm very happy with the results.  It's the best speaker for that amp so far too.

Maybe another one to check out would be the Blackhawk (without the HP).  Jack Zucker did a couple WGS speaker comparison videos, and I liked the Blackhawk the best. It seems to have the same clean chime and smooth distortion that the Blackhawk HP does.




06/01/2012 9:27am

I second the blackhawk ... but I would just suggest the regular blackhawk ... not the HP.

Hope this helps.  If ya do it, please post back here with your results! 

06/06/2012 7:11pm

Thanks so much cbast2 and Vaughn!  I have aquired a Black n Blue and it absolutely KILLS with this amp, from clean to mean.  But since both of you have recommended the Blackhawk.....can it be even better for this amp?  The Black n Blue is definitely a quality, quality speaker with a great feel and tone.  Has plenty of bass, too.

Would the Blackhawk just be safer because of the wattage rating, or would it offer just a little more of what I have described I'm looking for?  cbast2, you mentioned the Blackhawk doesn't color the sound, and this Bambino has a great Fendery clean.  So would the BH do Fendery cleans better than the B n B?  The B n B I'm thinking does color the sound towards the british side. But I also really want that!

I'm so thrilled with this little amp through this 1X12 with the B n B, but it is still plenty loud.  So I'm thinking of a 1X10 cab as well (for an american tone), and have been pondering a g10a, g10c, or veteran 10.  I know the vet 10 will allow me to crank the amp while not being as loud as the other 2.  But how well do these 3 take OD or Dist pedals?  Or, OR, OR....would a 2X10 with Vet 10's be the ticket? 

I'm DEFINITELY keeping the 1X12 cab with the B n B or Blackhawk in it!!  But I'd like to try a different cab/speaker configuration to add a more american flavor to my tonal options, a 1X10 or 2X10 while also decreasing volume.   I am moving towards mostly home recording.

Bottom line....the WGS Black N Blue is legit!!  It has me wanting to try a 10" from their american selection as well!

06/08/2012 8:50am

I'm trying to decide between an open back 2X10 cab loaded with Vet 10's or a 1X10 open back loaded with a G10A. 

My thinking is a 2X10 will sound fuller, but a pair of G10's will probably be LOUD, thus the Vet 10's here.

A 1X10 with the G10A won't be as full, but I would still get american voiced sweetness at good home recording volume levels.

Am I thinking rightly here? Which route would any of you go?


06/11/2012 11:29am

It's all about cabinet size (& weight considerations).  The G10A in a big box will sound huge and loud  (same goes for the G10C) ... they are simply amazing!  But ... they are heavy with all that AlNiCo!!! 

For "sweetness at good home recording levels" ... you're probably on an okay track ... but the G10 is quite efficient (loud).  You might want to actually consider a single Vet 10 in a fairly large box.

06/18/2012 10:13am

OK - so I'm planning to build my own 1X10 cab (I built my 1X12 cab; 1/2" birch ply all around with fixed baffle; 23.5" x 18.5" x 11"; 1/3 open back) sounds very good with the Black N BLue.

Vaughn, you mentioned a "large box" as being key here and I agree.  How about 20"x16"x10.5" for 1x10 cab dimensions?  This one will be 3/4" #2 pine; 1/2" birch ply baffle and back panels; 1/3 open back. I'm also considering a floating baffle (attached from inside to battons with screws to only 2 sides) instead of a fixed one.  Any thoughts here? I'd like this cab to sound great with cleans and also with OD/Dist.....of the american flavor.  A single G10C or Vet 10 are what I'm considering (I'd love to try the G10A, but just can't swing it. Plus, I understand the G10C sings about 90% as good).



06/22/2012 9:49am

Yep ... sounds perfect.  Plus, I'm not afraid of the floating baffle ... all my fav amps (old Fenders) have baffles held in place by a few screws!

06/22/2012 11:45am

GREAT!  Thanks for helping to confirm!  Odering a G10C right now.

06/30/2012 3:42pm

WOW!  I finished the 1 x 10 cab(except the baffle....wanted the speaker in hand first) about a week ago.  The G10C arrived and a day later I was in business.  I'm absolutely loving this speaker as well.  Cleans are and full, chimey, NO ICE-PICK highs, and from light OD to higher gain (from the amp or with pedals) I'm getting those "american" tones I was looking for!  And this Bambino delivers!

I now have a 1 x 12 loaded with a WGS Black and Blue that definitely produces thicker, lush tones with plenty of bass and wonderful high end sweetness....good Brit flavor.  And I can swap cabs to the 1 x 10 loaded with the WGS G10C and easily hear a major difference in tone.  And BOTH are awesome!

My only urge to tweak now is whether or not the Blackhawk might be a bit better for getting that Marshall "craaang".  The Black and Blue, I think, is ultimate for a Vox type amp.  Or, maybe I could get a Retro 30 and swap that with the BnB as needed for those more "craaang" type Marshall tones (the BnB does them pretty good, but not quite all there)?  Or, would the Blackhawk get it all done? I'd love to compare them side by side, but can't swing purchasing a Blackhawk without selling the BnB (and the Bnb is DARN good!).

To all who read here....WGS is making some sweet speakers!  THANKS WGS!

07/04/2012 1:22pm

Hey Bryan,

I'd go with the Ret 30 for the Marshallesque tone.  The Blackhawk is nearly identical to the BnB, with the exception that the voice coil is wound on Kapton rather than paper ... this enabling higher power handling, and also making the Blackhawk a bit warmer and darker voiced than the BnB.

Of course, if you want full-on classic Marshall tone ... that would be the Green Beret ... although, personally I greatly prefer the more balanced Retro 30.

07/04/2012 5:02pm

Thanks Vaughn!  That info is all I need to know.

Michael McWilliams
07/09/2012 6:39pm

Vaughn, you finally convinced me and now I am officially won over. I replaced the Eminence in the Blues Deluxe with the ET65 you have been recommending for this amp, and it is an amazing speaker. Very balanced to be an British voiced speaker. the lows are creamy and lush with plenty of sparkle by cranking up the treble on the amp. Midranges are tight and fit in the blend without being obtrusive. The neck tones on my P90 Tele are chocolatey and very Hendrix/SRV sounding (love that sound) while the bridge pickups don't have the midrange bark with other speakers.  Very impressed.  

But wait, there's more. I am using an extension speaker loaded with a Reaper HP, and while one may not think of this as an optimal combination since the two sound similar, the Reaper seems to add  just a touch more midrange and the combo has a lot of depth. Bass tones are tight and clear.

Warehouse, keep up the good work.