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Best speaker for an Ampeg GVT5-110

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02/02/2015 8:55am

I have an Ampeg GVT5 5 watt class A with a 10” celestion tube 10.

This is my living room amp and I play loudish at times.

I play blues and I’m trying to get towards a Freddie King tone.

I find this Ampeg has a nasal quality to the tone that is difficult to EQ out.

I’m wondering if a different speaker would help.

I would like stay with the current speaker’s sensitivity (around 94db SPL).


My WGS4 search found someone tried a 10” Veteran in a GVT5 and found it to have too much treble. The speaker description seems to suggest that it’s clean and warm. Like what I think I need.



Will a 10” Veteran get me close to what I want or are there better speaker options?





Marco Hill
02/19/2015 10:48pm

I am the one who had the post about the Veteran 10 being too bright. I prefer a darker sound, so too bright for me isn't too bright for lots of other people.  I love it with the Green Beret 10 which is a very warm speaker. Anyway, I just want to clarify that I don't think there is anything wrong with the Veteran 10. It just didn't suit my personal taste. I think the Veteran would be much better suited to an amp with multiple speakers like a Super Reverb. 1 of them on it's own in that little combo was thin.

If I was looking for a Freddie King sound I would proabaly try the G10C based on the description. I have never tried one though.

02/20/2015 5:27pm

Thanks "marcohill" ... I agree totally.  I LOVE the Vet 10 in 4x10 or 3x10 configurations ... but in this case I totally agree that the GB 10 is the right speaker!

Kevin Ganoe
09/14/2019 5:52am

I have picked up three of these amps over the years at some ridiculously low prices and don't regret the decision a bit. Solidly built just great for playing around home. But that stock speaker is terrible.

I have tried the ET 10, G10C/S and the Green Beret 10 which gives me three amps all voiced slightly different. For cleans and everyday practice it is the G10C/S for sure. The ET10 seems to me more muscular, for lack of better words, and my preference when I want to get some grind going with an overdrive pedal. I have a hard time choosing they are both good just different. For me the Green Beret is more nondescript may be a little more woody sounding, not bad at all and tons better than the stock speaker, just not my preference. Think if I had a jazz box this might be the one.