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Best Speaker alternative for a Fender 65 De Luxe Reverb

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11/17/2012 4:29pm

Hello Vaughn, hello WGS Forum,

after using and loving the Reaper/Et 65 mix forall in my 2x12 closed back cab now with a

Blackstar HT head, I have gone next with a Fender 65er De Luxe Rev RE.

This for my opinion is a very good clean and crunchy bluestone amp.

A 22watt combo serial equipped  with a Jensen C12K 100 watt 12er speaker.

This is actually the only thing I dislike: I find this speaker too grizzly and too much bright for

blues and bluesrock, I miss the warm old fendertone if you know what I mean?


I would like more harmonic warms and not so cold soundarticulations.

Therefor my question to the experience of you:

Would it be a good way to go with a Blackhawk 50watt Alnico ( if it will be possible

to take it in this small combo without mounting problems??)


Or is the ET 65 another good chose, but more british sound???

I don't like the Celestion Gold and the G12H series with this Reverb amp-

If someone has good ideas and experience with the De Luxe Rev 65 it will be a pleasure

to hear a review!!!

The sounds of Vaughn with the Blackhawk 12er in a cab will be very convincing but in my

combo will it be work fine too???


Thank you to all Holly


11/23/2012 8:27pm

Hi Holly,

I tried a BUNCH of speakers (new & Vintage) in my original 1965 Deluxe Reverb, and I settled on the ET65, because it tamed the ice-pick highs and warmed up the bottom just perfectly.

Use the "search WGS" box in the upper left hand corner to search Deluxe Reverb, and you will find some of my longer answers on this one :-)