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Bad Speaker?

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09/14/2014 11:25am

I just bought a new 2x12 cab and ordered a Veteran 30 and an ET-65 to put in it. Upon firing it up for the first time, I thought I was only hearing the ET65. I put my head up close and moved between the spekers and found that I could hear something coming out of the Vet 30, but it was way overpowered by the ET65. I lightly touched the cones while running some music through the cab and there was plenty of vibrations on the ET65, but nothing on the Vet 30.

After that, I decided to isolate the speakers and play just one at a time. The ET-65 sounds phenomenal, but the Vet sounds weak and like a transistor radio. When I switch between them on the same amp settings, the ET-65 is considerably louder, like almost twice the volume. While playing the Vet30 only, I turned the volume up progressively to a loud "inside the house" volume and could still feel only minimal vibrations on the cone. I also switched the speaker wires inside the cabinet between the two speakers to eliminate that and had the same results.

I know speakers break in, but I can't imagine the disparity between these two speakers is correct. Did I possibly get a bad speaker? Is there anything else I can do to troubleshoot this to eliminate something simple or my own ignorance before  going through the hassle of trying to return it?

Thanks in advance!

09/14/2014 5:26pm

Yep ... assuming all good & correct wiring ... it most certainly sounds bad!  The Vet is actually the louder of the two speakers :-)

Call and/or email the office and speak to Daniel ... he's the one in charge of these things ... he'll get a replacement on the way to ya! (

Sorry about that ... I've personally witnessed the final QC process every single speaker goes through before leaving the factory ... but a good hard bump or two in transit can sometimes cause a voice-coil to separate or something similar ...

09/15/2014 10:10am

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm going to double check everything I can to eliminate something on my end, but I know that I did switch the wiring between the two speakers and had the same results.

I picked the speakers up a Musicians Friend while ordering a few other things. I would assume I would have to take it up with them, or am I able to deal with you guys since you're the manufacturer?

09/15/2014 12:25pm

Thanks Vaughn. I did switch the wires around between the two speakers with the same results, but I'm going to double check everything again just to eliminate a problem on my end.

I bought the speakers through Musicians Friend so I assume I'll need to take it up with them, or can I deal directly with you guys since you're the manufacturer?

09/17/2014 2:53pm

Yea ... go through them ... but they are SUPER easy to do returns with ... I'be been buying from them for like decades :-)

If that dosn't work, let Daniel know.

09/18/2014 10:16am

They've always been my go-to place for stuff I can't find locally. I talked to them on Tuesday and was very satisfied with the customer service. The only hiccup was that the Vet-30 is on backorder now, so I'll have to contain my excitement for a few weeks. The ET65 is sounding pretty damn good by itself though, so I think I'll survive!

09/21/2014 12:36am

I just got my Veteran 30 and I am super happy. It is definitely quite loud, louder than my Celestion G12T-75. I am going the other way, now that I have the Veteran 30, I am thinking about getting the ET65 or ET90.