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Marc Eric

Marc's background is truly diverse. From playing lead guitar/producing/arranging/writing/singing on albums and live concerts which include Slash (Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver), Tim Bogert (Jeff Beck), Bruce Kulick (Kiss), Vivian Cambell (DIO, Def Leppard) and Billy Cox (Jimi Hendrix), Damien Horne, Jared Blake (from NBC's "THE VOICE".)

Marc has also produced music for films, which include New Line Cinema's "HIGH ROLLER" starring Michael Imperioli andSteve Schirripa (Soprano’s), which includes Marc's music video for "Yesterdays" on the DVD extras. Marc’s TV credits include songs written for Joan of Arcadia (CBS) and Judging Amy (Song of the Season) (CBS). Other producing credits feature a diverse roster of artists and actors such as Graham Bonnet, Cowboy Troy, Toby Keith Band, and Jeremy London.

Currently he has a hit single he wrote/produced/played guitar on for country superstar CANDY COBURN that is burning up national radio.