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Announcing the Long Awaited Ten-Inch Green Beret!

Announcing the Long Awaited Ten-Inch Green Beret!

Wooo-hooo!  What an awesome day to be alive and playing electric guitar!  Yep … it’s happened again; that’s exactly how I began my LAST blog.  Guess what?  Yep, we’re announcing ANOTHER new (and massively requested) speaker: The first of our “British” 10’s, the 10” Green Beret.  Yea, great day, huh?

By the time you read this, the new Green Beret 10 should either be available … or will be within days.  For quite some time now folks have been clamoring for a Britt voiced ten that actually sounds as totally kickin’ as the Green Beret, well wait no longer.  Dean, and the guys have worked for nearly two years on this puppy, and the results speak for themselves.  The GB10 has all that great throaty charictor of a true vintage green-back, tempered with the smooth-n-warm top end WGS is famous for and the “too big to be a 10” bottom that has made the G10 a legend.

I just so happens that I have one of these in my possession, along with a Celestion G10 “Greenback”.  Can anybody say “shootout”?  Yep that’s coming … but not until my next installment of this here blog.  For now, enjoy these pics Dean snapped of a Green Beret ten going together.  Pure speaker-porn! Such a looker.

10" Green Beret10" Breen Beret

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08/07/2014 9:04am

I have a Marshall Class 5, I do believe this just may be the ticket. I have the latest version, so there should be enough room to mount it. So how soon???!!!

C. Steve Bergonzoni