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04/03/2015 10:07am

I have the newest Alessandro Working Dog / Crossbred Mutt.

Powerful clean bass, highs strong but not too spikey, mids are between American and British.

The stock Alessandro Neo speaker has that typical Neo speaker squawk in the attack of the notes, and the mids are a bit too strong.  I want to bring out the 'American' sound as much as possible - clean & clear with scooped out mids, but not spikey!

I was leaning toward the G12C/S, but see from other posts that it may be too warm and be too strong in the mids.  I'm afraid the C12C may be too bright and spikey, but the amp has enough bottom to make up for the weak lows.

I do not want the amp to sound 'British', but from the Tone Chart the ET65 seems to have nice levels for the top & bottom.  And scooped mids, which I really want!

Any suggestions?


Mr B

04/04/2015 1:23pm

Trying a et-65 as i am typing this,i know it isnt even close to being broken in far i dont find the mid's that scooped...this is coming off having a reaper hp in for the last 2 weeks or more...just a blues jr/limited ed(jam amp).The reaper hp i found high's and mid's scooped fo sho.

I know your amp is way better...could be a totally differant animal in your allesandro...

04/11/2015 8:54am

" far i dont find the mid's that scooped..."

Yes, I've been trying to stomp out this little bit of miss-information wherever I find it!

The problem is the use of the overly generic word "MIDRANGE", which, from a purely academic standpoint extends from 320Hz to 5Khz ... or in other words ... almost the ENTIRE range of an electric guitar!!!  And, the ET65 is not "scooped" at any range, it just has less of a UPPER midrange 2-3KHz spike than most guitar speakers.  This has led to some folks referring to them as "scooped" ... which is also an overly generic word that means too many things to different people.  The truth is, with the 2-3K not as overly exaggerated ... the LOWER midrange (in the 200-600Hz range) sounds more pronounced ... not AT ALL what most folks would call "scooped" sounding.

I teach this stuff at a College in the Nashville area ... and I always insist my students "put a number on it" ... do not make a state meant like: "it's got too many mids" ... but rather "it's got too many lower-mids in the 400Hz range".  Okay, I'm tempted to go on ... but I'll put my lil soapbox away ... maybe I need to devote a full-length blog to this...

04/16/2015 7:51am

Thanks to all for the comments,

Based on reviews, and on Trevor's recommendation, but before reading all your comments, I went with an ET65.

A pain to have to take the chassis out to access the speaker, so I won't be doing it monthly, but it does fit.  I was concerneed about that, since things are tight.

I only had a short time to play last night, but here are my first thoughts:

Not broken in yet, but even at that it sounds good.  Perhaps 'warmer', whatever that means.

It does eliminate the Neo 'squawk' on the attack of the notes, so that's good.

The efficiency is lower than the original, not as loud, I won't be able to play clean as loudly as before.

Nice clarity in the mids, good note separation in chords.

Highs are as strong, but the peak seems to be at a lower frequency.  Nice brightness but not as much American chime.

Highs are not brittle - good!

Lows definately not as powerful, can't sound like a bass, which it really used to do.

Mids not scooped (too bad), but not overpowering as in a real British amp.  On the neck pickup (tele style guitar) I can get that 'hollowed out' sound I love, but the bridge pickup seems to have more mids.

I'll spend more time with it, try to figure out which frequencies are doing what, and report back.  I sure could use Vaughn's course, and a graph of the speaker response...

Thanks all,

Mr B



Thomas Pennington
04/10/2015 12:45pm

I have an older Working dog 1x12 Rottweiller.  Every few months I swap the speaker between an ET65, Retro30, and a Reverend Alltone.  Can't really say any one is better than the other.  They all sound wonderful with the amp.  Hard to get a bad sound out of this amp with just about any speaker.  So, get a couple and trade them out a couple times a year!


11/02/2015 11:46am

After a few months of playing, here's my review of the ET65 in an Alessandro Crossbred Mutt.

The amp is extremely high fidelity, including a very powerful bottom, and more clear, bright highs than most other amps out there.

The ET65 handles the bass well, with a lot of definition.  Powerful and deep, but not muddy or boomy.

The highs come through nice and strong, clean but not spikey or harsh.

The mids are very pronounced, with a sound that people probably refer to as 'Aggressive'.  Here is where I have a problem.  For rock that needs a real 'bite' in the mids, this is a perfect speaker.  With the amp cranked (but the attenuator down), the mids really sing.

However, this is not what I was looking for.  I like a big, clean, open sound.  I need to be able to play a chord and hear a clarity and definition in the individual notes.  This speaker wants to be more hard driving.

Now, after I save up for a replacement, I'll need to choose between a G12C and a G12C/S.  I was leaning toward the G12C/S, to make the highs smooth and sweet, until a few folks said it sounds very 'Tweedy', without the clarity needed for a proper blackface sound.  Then I heard a G12C in a Twin, on the Fender Guru site, and that speaker sounds beautiful.  But it could be to bright in this amp, since the highs are so much stronger than in a Twin.



11/09/2015 7:37am

Hi Mr.B.,

if the amp is brighter than a Twin (didn´t know this being possible), I´d stay away from the G12C. It is really pure Fender to my ears and a really cool speaker, but... BRIGHT.

Maybe the G12A would be an alternative, for sounding really different to my ears.

No experience with the G12C/S here, though I´d love to try one.

best regards


Thomas Pennington
11/17/2015 12:03pm

Working dog 1x12 Rottweiller (Alessandro).  Having used it for some time with the ET65, for me it just didn't quite get there.  So it would be either the Retro 30 or the Alltone.  I recently put a Weber Blue Alnico 50 watt, hemp cone in there.  Must say, that is the best of all I've tried.  Saving up for the WGS 50 watt alnico.  Would love to see an alnico with hemp cone from WGS!!!!