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'68 Super Reverb SPeaker Replacements

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Thomas Madden
10/14/2011 5:28pm

I read someplace that the best classic-sounding speaker for the old Super Reverb is the Veteran 10.

Only problem is that the old SRs have 8 mounting studs for each speaker and teh Vet 10 only has 4 mounting holes.

ANy plans for the Vet 10s to be made (NOT drilled) for the vintage Fenders?  I really don't want to buy a new Mojo baffle (new ones come with 4-stud mounting), or dreel out four studs for each speaker.....

I realize the G10Cs come with 8 holes, but I really don't need those higher-powered/more-efficient speakers...I wanbt THE sound.

11/03/2011 10:05am

Interesting ... did you search my blog?  I did some serious speaker shootouts w/the Super Reverb ... and yes, other than vintage CTS alnico's, the Vet 10's were the winner by a large margin!  The other interesting part is that my '67 Super has 4-hole mount pattern, as did the recently made BF re-issue I used to own! 

I know WGS is changing over to all 8-hole mounting patterns (I kinda have mixed feelings, as the 4-hole is more "vintage") ... anyway, use the contact form to ask Daniel if that has hit the Vet 10's yet.

Oh, and yes, most of the magic of a SR comes from it's four light-n-nimble speakers working in parallel ... you don't want to put big magnet, high wattage speakers in there!  But if you have to drill, I say go for it ... take them to a shop if you have to ... trust me, you won't want to return them!  BTW, my '67 Super (w/ orig CTS's)is my absolute fav. amp ... if I could only have one, she'd be it!