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68 custom deluxe reverb - new speaker

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09/16/2015 7:25am

Hey there! I have a new amp and want to get a WGS speaker for it...i am going for a SRV vibe! Which speaker would you suggest me to order!? I have a alder strat / warmoth fatback rosewood neck / David Allen's Texas Flood Pickups.....thx in advance! Johnny Ray from Germany :)





09/21/2015 10:57am

Man, my recommendation has always been the ET65 ... and folks ALWAYS love them in a Deluxe!

09/23/2015 10:50pm

Hey Vaughn! :)


I saw your youtube video about the speakers in your 67 Custom Deluxe!

And i liked the et65 the most from all of them! Iam really surprised how good this speaker works with that kind of amp!

So sorry for my unnesseray post,

thx for your feedback bro!


Have a good one!

Johnny Ray

Jonathan McCormick
09/24/2015 11:06pm

Though I would usually default to Vaughn's advice (cause from what I've seen, he knows what he's talking about), I disagree with the ET65. I bought one on recommendations from the forum for a Deluxe Reverb Reissue and it's a bit too strident sounding in the midrange (higher mids?). It's too brash with a Deluxe in my opinion. While now I've been using a greenback speaker with it (green beret like) and would definitely recommend one for a Deluxe, I wonder if there's a better option. I've also tried the G12C with it which was WAY too bright. 

BTW: this is a modified Deluxe Reverb Reissue with a better output transformer. Even with the mods, the ET65 is just not right for a Deluxe.  

09/25/2015 3:53am

Oh Vaughn...do you think the et65 can handle a "56" plucked low E-string!?

I am afraid to blow it so i rather ask before ima do that :D

09/27/2015 5:34pm


Also ... that one comment is the only "no" vote I've seen yet for a ET65 in a DR (orig or re-issue) ... and, as you have seen, I have done a lot of comparing speakers in several Deluxe Reverbs! 

"mccormick.jonny" ... it sounds as though you have an ET-65 that just isn't quite right!  If it's within the return period, you might want to swap it for another one.  An ET65 is never strident in the upper mids!

09/28/2015 11:11am


Yeah, as i noticed all the praising bout the et65 in deluxe reverbs his et65 might not be "right" as you said vaughn...

I already ordered it, should be here in a couple of days...im so excited :D

Thx for the help oh and btw i really like your speaker videos on youtube...even tho with camera mic they are really informative and helpfull! Keep up the good work!


PEACE from Germany

09/30/2015 10:21pm

Hey, do us a favor, and come back here and post your results :-)

10/07/2015 2:09am

Yeah, i sure will!

The speaker should arrive tomorrow or the day after so stay tuned...

Im really excited as a good friend of mine gave me 6 preamp and 2 6v6er nos tubes from the late 60's (69)...i heared those before in his old amp..what a blast, cant wait to put them together with the et65 in my custom deluxe :D

Have a good one, peace!

Johnny Ray

10/15/2015 2:58pm

Man the et65 is amazing!

Its got the fender chime and doesnt fart out when i get more overdrive going! it perfeclty fits my needs...

though the amp has alot of bass for me at home the et65 handles that very well, never boomy etc..the mids are not so pronounced than other speakers which i really dig...and the highs are crystal clear and never sharp or harsh sounding...great speaker!

I just got it for a few days, i suppose its getting still better when fully broken in right?

Is there another speaker like this but with less bass just in case my neighbours are mad at me again? (might get that as alternative for the week days) :D



10/27/2015 3:22pm

Just turn the bass control down a little on those week-nights :-)

Actually the best option with less-bass is the lightweight G12Q ... it really sings at bedroom volumes in a DR.

01/06/2016 9:59pm

I just replaced the C Rex in my deluxe with an ET 65, which is my first experience with WGS. I'm really impressed, even before it is broken in. The bottom end tightened up beautifully on my Telecasters. A tad crispy now, but very full and rich. can't wait to break it in more. I liked the C Rex alot, but this is better yet for this amp. Thanks!!

Greg Mican
03/30/2017 12:22pm

Vaughn, I have a New Fender 68 Deluxe Reverb headed my way. I also have a ET-90 in my closet that isn't being used. Do you think it would be a good choice to put in my Deluxe over the stock celestion?

04/22/2017 8:00pm

Hey Greg ... I always say: if ya got it, ya ain't got nothing to loose by trying it! Oh, and yea, it should be a great match.