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4x12 Project - Fun with speaker pairings?

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03/26/2014 10:53am

Good morning!  Just joined up here after reading some stellar advice for other folks, so I figure I would pose my question, as well.  

Recently, I have acquired an inexpensive 4x12" cabinet.  It's a Crate GX412R if I remember it right - straight-front, Eminence speakers (an OEM model I can find the part number for at home), 16Ohm, 50W each, and a stereo/mono switch on the cabinet.  I got it for almost nothing, and the switching feature seemed kinda neat.

I run a Mesa Nomad 55 into it.  It's an oddball amp, and really does tend towards the treble-y side of things, especially with the Emis that seem to have a really shrill voicing to them.  I've run the Nomad into my two Ibanez TSA112 enclosures (Celestion Seventy-80s in those), and it sounded much better than the Crate enclosure, simply due to the more expansive bottom end that the speakers have.  

Now, the Nomad is a notoriously difficult to EQ/set up amplifier.  I've found a lot of settings where it sounds great, but they're pretty narrow band.  What I'd really like to do is expand the amp's voice with a good pairing of speakers in the Crate.  

I'm looking to tame the highs of the Nomad just a tiny bit (and eliminate the shrillness that the Crate's OEM speakers introduce), bring up a lot more bottom end on the clean channel, and keep the scathing mid-range gain barrage that the Nomad is really exemplary at.

So, just going by the clips here on the WGS site, I'm about 90% committed to two Green Berets in the big box.  I just adore the mid-range/mid-high sound that these make, so I think I may be set on those, unless the Experts have an even better idea.  I've also really loved the sound that the Nomad's clean channel makes through the Eminence Texas Heat - my buddy's Traynor has one, and we plugged it in, and it just worked.   What's the nearest analouge that WGS would have to the clean, bottom-heavy tone of this speaker?

Sorry for the novel, but I'm pretty excited to finally be throwing together a cabinet specialized how I want, and don't want to screw it up too bad!  Thanks!

04/09/2014 1:13pm

Any ideas?  What's the closest WGS has to something with a lot of low-end response and no mid-high spike, similar to a Texas Heat?

04/10/2014 9:47pm

Okay, sure ... you can pretty much never go wrong with the vintage GB tone in a 4x12 ... so I'd put the two of them on top of the 4x12.  Below them I would put a pair of the warm & balanced Reapers ... this combo will certainly tame the shrillness you mentioned, plus be a broad sonic pallet for the Nomad's quirks.

05/06/2014 10:06pm

I have just pulled the trigger on two Green Berets and two Reapers.  I'm really looking forward to it!  These OEM Crate things are just killing me! 


05/07/2014 8:49pm

I hear ya brother 

05/09/2014 5:43pm

Wow, I can't really tell this is the same cab.  With my Reverend Manta Ray 290, this cab has just kinda come alive. 

Thanks for the recommendations!  I'd throw some A/B tests out there, but I need a microphone.  That should be coming in soon, too!

Can't wait to hear this with my buddy's Decatone.  It is going to be killer!