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4x12 mixed reaper 30 and ??? also 2x12

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05/26/2011 10:48pm


I would like to know if you could mix pair 4x12 with Reaper 30's and ET65's ? I heard ET65 in Reinhard 1x12 cab and it sounded so good and sweet. All great for my taste. I have never liked Celestion Vintage 30's in any cab, to harsh on the top and hi mids, lack of real bass, G12H (now I have in my 2x12 cabs) better but not great. I have liked old Greenbacks from Celestion 70's era but not for all. I have Landry 4x12 cab with Reaper 30's it is very nice (need to sweet in it on the top and the bass). Also what is going to be great for classic to modern rock and blues tones bell like top, smooth mids and good bass in 2x12, 2 ET65's or something else for 100 watts Landry, 3rd Power and Wizard heads. Thanks

05/27/2011 10:52pm

I have not personally tried the Reaper/ET65 combo ... but I don't see anything wrong with it ... actually sounds very intriguing.  The efficiency is just a tad lower on the ET 65 than the Reaper ... and the Reaper will break up sooner ... but that could be a very cool combo - very similar to our often suggested ET65/Vet 30 (or Retro 30) combination!  Buy one ET65 and give it a try along with one of your Reapers in your 2x12 cab ... and if you like it, then outfit your 4-12 with that combination!  Let us know how it works out.

05/28/2011 10:35am

Hi The Reaper 30 is 99db and the E65 is 98 big difference in output volume or not you will think? There was big difference when I was doing PA but don't know about being in guitar cab? I want them to match volume output and yes the mix of Reaper and E65 sounds very interesting. Thanks.

05/29/2011 1:44pm

I would consider 1 dB a small difference ... noticeable, but not huge ... I'll stick by my original wording of "a tad"!  The reaper will be a tad louder than the ET65...

05/29/2011 2:16pm

Thanks Vaughn. WGS should be proud to have you on board. Mike