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4x12 crazy speaker combo?

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09/21/2012 3:19pm

hey guys. im putting together a 4x12 and i really like the classic greenback tone. however i play in a 3 peice band so ive always thought about expanding the guitar sound a bit but still keeping that classic tone i love. i play a 100 watt superbass plexi, cranked up but attenuated a bit most of the time. heres what im thinking.....

2 invaders with two reaper hp's  ive heard this speaker fills in the sound in the lows and highs.


or..... 2 invaders with one reaper hp and one vet 30 (vintage 30). i like this idea because i know that live the audience will probably only hear the greenback because 1 speaker will be miced. in the studio, having the invaders, the reaper hp, and the vet 30 will give me alot of options for sounds when recording. but ultimately, will that strange combination sound good when im just playing and listening to the cab itself? 


ps  i was also thinking of throwing an et 65 in there instead of the vet 30 but it seems like the et 65 is supposed to be a greenback ish sound which ill already have. the vintage 30 would just add some color.


thanks again for all the opinions!


ps will the vet 30 be louder or softer than the others because it is 60 watts and the others are 50?