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4x10 extension cab for marshall jmp 50 combo

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02/09/2013 2:42pm

1. 4 x vet 10's? match well with 2x12 blackbacks?

Need to split the sound with another cabinet, the microphonics can get pretty bad at high volume in this combo. Don't want to alter or add to the blackbacks sound so much as add a complementary, maybe slightly tighter, set of speakers.

The amp actually sounds pretty gnarly through the reissue Jensen p10r speakers stocked in the 410 cabinet (in extension mode), they add some blinking woody whitelight to the sound, and definitely submissive to the blackbacks....so, second question:

2. Mixing 2 veteran 10s with 2 jensen p10r - will the vets take over, and leave a trickle of alnico to baste the top end? It's a lovely idea...

(3. Are the Veteran 10s the 'British 10s' that were promised a year or so back? Or are there some 10" green berets still sharpening their bayonets in the production swamp?)


Thanks all!

02/10/2013 7:24pm

All excellent questions!

1. The Vet 10's should be a decent mix with the blackbacks, definitely not taking over from the 12's ... and they would be a lot tighter (it's a closed-back 4x10, Right?)

2. The Vet 10 / P10R mix would be okay ... but overall the (reissue) P10R's are really bright, sterile speakers ... and they can blow easily too (they are really only about 15-watt speakers, with easily burnt paper voice-coil formers).  The Vet 10's would mix about on eaqual terms with the P10's.  So, the cab would be a bit thin & weak overall ... not that much change from how it sounds now with all P10's.

Now, I do LOVE the sound of a pair of WGS G10C's with a pair of the Jensen P10R's.  The wonderful warm, sweet, big G10's take over and become the predominate voice, with the P10's adding just a hint of that AlNiCo Jensen tone. (Put the G10's on the bottom BTW).

3. No, the Vet 10 is really more American voiced.  The 10" GB that's been promised is still being tweaked ... turns out it's tougher to get it RIGHT than anyone envisioned.

02/13/2013 4:06pm

Thanks, Maybe I'll try a couple G10cs- I guess I can always swap them into my CVR (but I was gonna do Veterans) when your gb10s come out, or until I save up for the celestions, whichever comes first (hope they get them 'right' soon!)

so this 1971 JMP combo: Added a pair of Reapers in a closed back extension cab, they kind of disappeared. Then Invaders in an 3/4 back, same thing. I will try these in the closed 2x12, but is there anything that will keep up with these blackbacks? Might Liberators be a good high-powered option? I know they won't be louder for that, but maybe add some balance/poise/hot yoga to those 1970 caged tigers mauling splintering howling? Not that I need two extension cabinets, but I'm open to anything at this point.


02/15/2013 1:41am

Done, Invaders in the closed back 2x12. Perfect match, fantastic speakers. Howl on.