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4 ohms??

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08/02/2011 9:23pm

just wanted to know why WGS don't make 4 ohm speakers


thank you for your time

08/03/2011 7:08am

+1 Rodee on that

I am surching for the best speaker money can buy and i finally found WGS. Bummer to find out that they don't manufacture 4 Ohm speakers.

I want the Veteran 10 inch to be 4 ohm to match my 2x10 inch 5F6a clone with 2 ohm OT

Otherwise WGS keep up the good work

08/09/2011 1:29pm

We offer products based on customer demand.. Anybody out there who would like to see specific models in 4 ohm please chime in on this thread.

06/01/2012 3:39pm

I'm interstested in a 4 ohm speaker for a 50w Marshall AVT50X. From reading other forums, I'm not alone. Nice amp but the stock 4ohm speaker is junk. Seems like Celestion Vintage 30 is a popular upgrade despite being 8 ohm. Webers also seem popular since they're available in 4ohms.

Retro 30, Reaper HP, and ET65 seem like good candidates.

08/21/2011 8:29pm

i would love to see 4 and 12 ohm speakers, even if there was like a special order wait time.  i think especially with the 12 ohm speakers, wgs would be the only one making speakers for the 6x12'' cab market ( and any other odd ball speaker configuration ). 



PS WGS, ( i need 12 ( yes 12 ) 12ohm veteran 30s for my  2 6x12cabs)   ;-)


08/27/2011 9:42pm

Anything that can get down to 2 Ohms is interesting to me, to match a blackface Super or a tweed bassman; a 2 Ohm 15" speaker, or possibly two 12" 4 Ohm speakers together.

10/30/2011 1:15pm

I also really wish you would start maling 4ohm speakers..Many of the 80's 1x12 amps that i'm a fan of take 4 ohm speakers and there impossible to find..I hate to go somewhere else but i'm forced to by you not carrying 4 ohm speakers..I would prefer only to buy from you a company who's word i can trust....

06/01/2012 9:24am

I'd be intersted in 4 ohm speakers, and from reading posts on The Gear Page, Marshall Amp forum, and My Les Paul forum, I'm not alone.

Just picked up a AVT50X combo. Nice amp. Nothing outstanding, but it does what it needs to do. Stock speakers are junk, and many folks say there's a dramatic improvement with a speaker swap. Seems like Celestion V30's are popular replacements even though they are 8 ohm. Also read posts from several users who replaced with Webers since they can be found in 4 ohm.

Specifically I think the Retro 30, Reaper HP, and ET65 are good candidates in this application.

10/01/2012 6:52pm

I'd love to see a 4 ohm g12c/s and a 4 ohm et65.  Both for 1x12 cab to use with my VibroChamp.

12/10/2012 6:55pm

I would love to see WGS make a 4 ohm speaker. 

I'm looking to run a BF twin off of 1 4ohm speaker and i would love it to be a WGS.

it would also be perfect for converting a super reverb to 2x12

Come on!!!

12/11/2012 4:12pm

Call the factory & talk to Daniel, Dean, or Wayne.  Use words like "pretty please" ... they have been known to make special one-offs if you ask just right (provided they have the 4-ohm coils available).  Expect a custom-shop up charge.

If that does not work, send me an email, and I'll see what my supply of custom 4-ohm models looks like.

08/11/2014 10:02am

I picked up a super reverb chassis that put into and head cab.  Picked up a 212 fender vm212 cab.  Who new it would be so hard to find 4ohm speakers.  Never thought about until I started looking. Would love a pair of 4ohm veteran 30s.

08/13/2014 9:04am

Hey, for what it's worth ... Super Reverbs are very happy at 4-ohms.

10/20/2014 11:55pm

Vaughn speaks the truth!  Supers are quite happy at 4-ohm.  Many players disconnect two of the four 8-ohm 10" speakers in the SR to enhance the tone, effectively creating a 2x10 with 4-ohm load.  One of the older SR "mods" around.


I've just ordered two 8ohm 12" WGS speakers to intall into a SR 2x12 conversion baffle I'm making.  Call it a grand experiment.

11/12/2014 4:01pm

Please make your 10 inchers in a 4 ohm rating! Considering the thousands of Fender vintage amps that run a 4 ohm load, please! We are forced to go to your competitor, Ted W.

11/13/2014 2:25pm

We have offered 4-ohm WGS Speaker models for quite some time.  The Bass Speakers and the WGS12L are the only speakers we currently do not build in 4-ohm, however we can offer it as a special order in the future. The 4-ohm option is being added to each WGS Speaker Model on the web site to better inform the customer of what WGS has to offer and prevent confusion in the future. I hope this clears this issue up and makes WGS customers aware that we listen to their needs.  Thanks!

08/24/2017 10:34pm

Id like 2 x 10" 4 ohm speakers for my bassman reissue. im making a 2 10 cab for it...

08/26/2017 11:41am

thearoom46454: easy: https://wgsusa.com/g10c ... you will be VERY pleased!

claire garlow
10/31/2019 11:27am

4ohms 12inch speakers