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2x12 variable back cab with BlackHawk HP + ?

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11/09/2011 12:14am

I am selling my 4x12(with Reaper,ET65,GreenBeret,Vet30 run one side at a time. Am really going to miss these speakers, they are all amazing-just not exactly what I am searching for this time) and am going to 2x12 variable back cabs instead. For the first one I wanted to try alnico for mostly clean+crunch, old school style. Music styles are varied and I need clarity/chime/dynamic, touch sensitive + warm/deep/firm bass but also full frequency response  and need 50+watt rating each to handle a 100watt head. My current amp is a Rivera but am getting rid of it too-not sure what amp to try next, a PWE Event Horizon maybe or ?  I was thinking of ; #1... BlackHawkHP + BlackHawk 50watt  #2...BlackhawkHP + BlackHawkHP (too dark maybe?)     #3... BlackHawkHP + Retro30 (too bright & fizzy mabe?)    Pickups used will mostly be single coils vintage voiced but sometimes also alnico2 mag humbuckers (all lean towards the bright side).   Thank You Vaughn & Daniel. Your input is greatly appreciated.

11/11/2011 11:40am

I highly recommend the ET65 paired with the Blackhawk HP.  The ET65 is the chameleon of speakers when it comes to blending mixed pairs.  I have yet to hear a situation where I didn't like hearing one in the mix.  It should add some great girth and sparkle. 

11/13/2011 2:42pm

Thank you Daniel for the reply. I agree about the ET65 mixing well with other speakers, and yes it would be a good choice but I had hoped to try something new and maybe keep this cab all alnico. Are the BlackHawkHP and BlackHawk 50watt different tonaly? Are they both touch sensitive? Clear? Articulate? The sound clips on WGS site(some crunch & grind clips would be very apreciated for both) are too different to be able to compare aples to aples as the saying goes but the HP sounds richer and crisper/clearer but lacks a hint of upper end sparkle. The BlackHawk50watt seems to have a litle bit of sparkle and more touch sensitivity butt the rest seems flat/dull and uninspiring, also very litle bass response? (I listened to the clips through Sennheiser HD515 headphones also Altec speakers with sub) Do they handle the dirt nice and crunchy or wooly/fizzy? Any info and clarity about these speakers would be appreciated from anyone who owns or has heard them in person. Thanks.

11/15/2011 2:17pm

Hi - just now came upon this thread - the wild thing is that as I read your original post ... I was going to suggest the EXACT thing Daniel suggested (great minds think alike ... well, maybe ...). Anyway, that's still my #1 suggestion to you given what you are after, however, if you are wanting a 100% old-school alnico sound then, yes the Blackhawk & BH HP combo would probably be a good bet ... but I've never tried it personally (sorry).  Another idea, if you like the vibe of the classic American Jensen alnico tone (as I do) would be a G12A with the BH HP.