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2x12 speakers for fender bassman 6g6b

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04/05/2013 2:06am

my 1967 silverface bassman is gonna be modded as close to 6g6b as possible - gonna take a little while before I´ll get it from my tech. In the meantime I´m looking for some speakers for my 2x12 cab from Tube-town.de - I play mostly semi/hollowbody guitars with p-90 PU -The style is rockabilly (Elvis-Bill Haley-Eddy Cochran)

so my question is -What Speakers does the 6g6b "call" for - should it be speakers on the dark or bright side?

I Really like the price on Wgs speakers - I think WGS c12g or Reaper 50 hp speakers sounds great on youtube

Thanks for any input



04/10/2013 7:24pm

Personally, I would go for a pair of ET65's. I LOVE those speakers with both my '65 Bassman and my '67 Bandmaster.  They are fairly warm speakers, if you want more Fender sparkle, go with G12C's.

Hope this helps, please post back here with your results!

06/08/2013 7:21am

Hi Vaughn

I like Celestion 65's but they are quite bassy. The box veils the top end and helps the bass along.

I thought an alnico speaker might be good as it could be bright when it's clean and thickens when the amp is distorting.

Setzer likes V30's in his Bassman 2 X 12 cab.

Mark Abbott



06/18/2013 9:51am

What are the dimensions of your cabinet?

I just got a '64 blackface bassman cabinet that I'm running with either my '65, '67, or '68 Fender Bandmaster heads.  It's the small 2x12 cab ... an I tried a lot of different speakers in it and arrived at a pair of Reapers!  I didn't expect that, but man do they deliver the goods!

I have a '68 Big-box (huge actually) 2x12 Bandmaster cab on the way ... I bet it will be a totally different bird!

06/21/2013 11:23pm

Hi Vaughn, my 2 X 12" cab is the small blonde Bassman can, it is about the same size as an AC-30.

So the Reapers are recommended, interesting. I did have a pair of silver 12" Celestion speakers in the amp which has a smoky vibe which was cool too. I find the highs really define the tone these blonde amps. They are a very different with 10" speakers.

Thanks again for all your assistance Vaughn.


06/21/2013 11:34pm

Hi Vaughn, my Bassman cab is the blonde variety that is about the same size as an AC 30.


thanks for the reply.