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2x12 Setup that will hit Brit and American right on the nose?

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11/05/2013 2:48pm

I know this is a pipedream, maybe not, but it seems like it.

Here's what I'm looking at here. I've got a Crate V18 2x12 combo that's basically out of commission at the moment, but once I get the power issue fixed, I know I'm going to be looking at changing a lot of things. First, I think I'm going to go about putting the chassis in a Mojotone combo cab for 18 watt Brit style amps (it should fit, right?), then I plan on getting new speakers before I consider modding the circuitry to a better sound, which I imagine I will anyway, but I know these changes in general will yield sizable results in tone otherwise. That's my Brit side.

Now for the American side of the story, I am looking at getting a 25 watt Mini Rec, and though I know it uses EL84's, I imagine its tone is still voiced towards an American sound for the most part. Instead of buying a 2x12 for it, I thought I could instead just run it through the new 2x12 the Crate will be running through.

Obviously I want great tones from both amps no matter which is running through the cab, and I know Mesa's quality control for their speakers is top-notch, but I still wanted to see if there was a combination of a couple of speakers you would recommend from WGS that may be even better than anything they could offer (V30s, Black Shadow, etc) that would sound great through this sort of setup.

11/05/2013 11:54pm

Easy one: ET90 & a Ret 30!

11/06/2013 4:47pm

The ET90 wouldn't be underpowered, being a 90 W speaker, would it? Also, is such a difference in wattage rating between the two speakers going to lead to any difference in terms of the volume each produces?