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2x12 semi-closed back speakers cabinet for a Bandmaster'65

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09/13/2015 10:02am

I have a blackface 1965 Bandmaster head and i need two speakers for a bandmaster semi-closed back cabinet.

I play surf music so i woud like a classic fender clean tone, with good amount of tight bass and chimey highs,i dont like early break up and i would stay on ceramic speakers.

I tried to play through a modern closed back fender bandmaster VM 212 cabinet with two celestion seventy 80 speakers and there are too many piercing icy picks highs and the bass are too woofy for my tastes, tends to be grany when puhed so i dont like it.

I would try a speaker combination if is a good.

what do you suggest?


09/13/2015 7:55pm

Yea, I've got that same combo!  I have a '65 small-box 2x12 bandmaster cab (serial-number tilt-back) that has been converted into 1/3 open-back ... that I run with either a '65 blackface or '67 drip-edge bandmaster!

I've got a Reaper and a Reaper55 in my cab, and I LOVE it.  Huge, thick, juicy, and still plenty of sparkle on tap with a Bandmaster!

09/15/2015 10:24am

i also thought to g12c + Reaper its a good choice? what would be the difference with reper+reaper55?

09/16/2015 6:41am

thanks for your reply,

 could be Reaper + reaper55 too hot and bluesy for my surf music?

i also thought to a reaper55 + g12c

or a g12c + g12c/s

what would be the difference in sound between the three combinations?

09/26/2015 7:19am

sorry for preaching the same over and over...

bit for surf I´d go with the G12C and a G10C!

you can get in europe both speakers at tube-town (germany) and also the 12" to 10" converter. (it´s the same price as G12C and G12C/S taking the G12C and one 10" and the converter).

In my findings the G12C doesn´t get along tooooo good with another 12 - but it shines with the G10C, which, strange enough, gives the sound a meatier midrange.

10/08/2015 5:17pm

after listening many tests on youtube at the end I opted for the couple reaper + g12c / s and are very satisfied. The character of the reaper is more prominent than the g12c/s,  can clearly hear the sizzle and the airiness of the reaper but is sweet and not icy and let me play with the treble knob and the brite switch, while g12c / s enriches the sound with a bit of bell like middles, the bass is solid and tight.

The sound is very balanced and classy super clean without speaker distorsion and i like it a lot for my surf music

thanks for the suggestions