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2X12 Closed Back Speaker suggestions.

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07/21/2013 7:19pm
Greetings,     I currently play through a Blackstar HT5R Head.  I am in process of building a closed back 2X12 speaker cabinet.  The cabinet will have the same dimensions as a Marshall 1936 2X12 cab.  I play a large veriety of music from clean edge of break-up ala Hendrix, to medium gain ACDC, Sabbath, Iron Maiden, all the way to blow your face off Pantera mid scooped tones.  I am looking for speaker suggestions.  I am guessing two 25W Green Beret would do the job pretty well, or maybe a Green Beret/Invader combo.  So what do you guys recommend?Thank You, Adam McClincey
07/22/2013 10:32am

Yes, the 2 GB's sound like the best option.

The only reason I would consider an Invader is if you are ALSO going to use the cab with a head in excess of 50-watts RMS.

08/02/2013 2:05pm

Vaughn,     I meant to ask you about pairing a Green Beret with a Reaper, since they are both lower wattage.  Again I am using a HT5R head to push it.  I said the Invader in my first post for some reason.  My speaker cabinet is almost done.  Just waiting for Tolex, Handles, and Corners to arrive.  Also does the 11.1" Cut Out measurement on your web site refer to the size of the hole you cut in the seaker baffle?  I am pretty sure that is what you mean; but need to be sure before I get the jig saw out. Thanks, Adam McClincey

08/09/2013 3:12pm

Yes, 11.1" is the size of the hole you want.  Just plain 11" works fine, too!

The Reaper would be more full and less urgent sounding than just the Green Berets.


08/16/2013 9:51am

   The tolex has been applied to my 2x12 speaker cabinet project.  Everything is dry fitted and looking good.  Grill cloth, and remaining hardware have been orderd.  According to UPS there is a 16 Ohm Green Beret, and a Reaper that should be at my front door sometime Monday.  I am really looking forward to hearing them paired up.  Thank you for the assistance Vaughn, and WGS crew.


08/19/2013 10:26pm

Please post back with your results :-)

10/07/2013 11:45am

I have tried replying back several times; but for some reason it was not posting.  I am very pleased with the Green Berret / Reaper combination in my 2X12 cabinet.  As you said it is very full sounding.  The highs are note too piercing. Pleanty of mid range to bring you out in the mix with out being shrill.  Excellent bottom end thump/chunk.