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2 X 12 for EL84

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04/05/2015 8:14am
I still cant believe it but I actually bought a Bugera V22 head.  Vaughns demo was excellent and the Bugera actually won out over several EL84 heads that I auditioned in the budget (I thought I was set on the Carvin).   At any rate, I am looking at doing a 2 X 12 and would like some recommendations.   I really like the Alnico Blue and G12H30 pairing.    But I'm very impressed with the demos of the WGS Alnicos.   Leaning toward the 15 watt Black and Blue.  I'd like the versatility of the higher powdered Blackhawk allowing me to run more wattage down the road but worry about maybe too much low end pairing it with something like a G12H30.   At any rate, this will be in an open back 2 X 12 cab.   I play mostly blues.  I do have a couple "strats"  but mostly play dual humbucker guitars.   Im finding that vintage output buckers especially sound excellent through the V22.   I know that an alnico will add a little more chime to the buckers, so not a bad thing.    Is there something in the WGS line that, paired with a Black and Blue, or Blackhawk, will give that Blue + G12H30 tone that I like.   Of course, I'm open to all suggestions.Thanks
04/11/2015 9:16am

Wow ... didn't know it was available as a Head ... cool!!

So ... The WGS BnB/Reaper combo is directly comparable to the Celestian Blue/G12H30 combo ... but ... Yes, I would choose the Blackhawk/Reaper combo.  In EVERY test I've done, I like the Blackhawk over the Black n Blue. (They are the same speaker except the former is on Kapton rather than paper)

04/11/2015 9:46am

Thanks Vaughn.   I actually got a real nice deal from Dave at Avatar on a 2x12 with their A25 and G12H30.  Good cabs so we'll see how that works out.In another direct, I probably should post as another question but since I'm typing.    I've got a Veteran + Invader combo in a 4x12.  I actually moved that combo over to another Avatar 4x12.  So, I have my old 4X12 (which is a little larger) to fill.  But I think I want to get two more Invaders and do 4 Invaders in the Avatar.  And then do a different flavor in the other 4x12 with the Veterans and something else.    I got my old Mesa Dual Rectifier back (mid/late 90's, two channel).  I also still have my 5150.   Crazy, because I play mostly blues, but also bluesy classic hard rock.   But these are my amps and I make it work.At any rate, would it be crazy to mix a pair of British Leads with Veteran 30's in a big closed back 4X12.  I've run across some internet banter about this combo for the Mesa and also about the Celestions they are modeled after (sort of).   If I remember, I used to run the Mesa with, mainly, V30's back in the day.  Thoughts about my maybe crazy Vet 30 + British Lead mix?   Or other suggestions for pairing with the Vet 30's.  This would be for the 5150 and the Mesa but I'm mainly thinking about the Mesa here.   The Mesa does sound good, by the way, with the Vet 30 + Invader mix.  Again, just looking for two different flavors. Thanks 

04/11/2015 12:39pm

Cool ... I ALWAYS recommend Avatar cabs for folks who need cabs to be both good ... and inexpensive!

The 4-Invader cab will get you pretty straight-up Marshall Greenbacks in a 4x12 sound ... which is my favorite classic Marshall tone.

As far as boxmates for the two Vets ... I'd either go with a pair of ET-90s or ET-65s for a VERY versatile 4x12.

As for the Britt Lead/Vet 30 combo ... man I just don't know ... can't remember ever trying that one.  If you try it, please post your results on this forum!!

04/11/2015 1:15pm

ET6-65/Vet 30, a well regarded WGS mix, I know.   Not sure about it with the Mesa though.    Leaning toward the ET-90 if I mix one of the ET's with the Vet 30's.  If I go off the radar a bit with the British Lead/Vet 30 combo, I'll be sure to post back.   If you need any more demo ideas, there ya go.  :-)As always, thanks.