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2 X 12 Cab For Metal

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05/29/2012 9:15am

Have an oversized empty closed back 2x12 cab Im looking to fill. Looking for WGS recommendations. Playing a fairly large swatch of metal....from old school classic metal and occult rock.....to modern high gain technical metal and thrash. Primarily through a Rivera KR7 and in conjuction with a Peavey 4x12 JSX cab....although I will be using an Orange Dark Terror and Bugera 333XL for some recording trax as well.

I need a well balanced combination that will take 120 high gain tube watts all night long for live purposes. But I also should add....my personal taste is a bit of British flavor in my sound....the classic tones are not lost on me either....I like a little old school in my sound for sure. Im thinking of a Retro 30 / HM75 combination. This seems like it could be a bit midrange heavy...but Im not certain thats a bad thing for me....as Im not one to scoop out my mids. I like some definite cut and sparkle. I guess Im looking for a well balanced combination....tight....and can handle some power. Anyone using this for similar music? Thoughts?? Recomendations?

05/29/2012 10:35pm

I really like your HM75/Ret30 idea ... and was already going to make that recommendation ... but you beat me to it!

Don't worry about that combo being mid-heavy; the Ret 30 is no at all mid heavy ... just well balanced.  The HM75 has just a touch of the Celestion mid snarl ... but locked in a big box with the Ret30 the overall effect should be very versatile.  The only thing it probably would not do very well is the ultra low-power thing that's so in-vogue these days ... doesn't sound like a problem for you!

If you decide to go for it, be sure to post back here with your results.  Hope this helps, Vaughn.

05/31/2012 10:51am

Thanks Vaughn! I will order and post back with thoughts\results once Ive spent a little time with the speakers.