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2 speakers in a 4x12 cab. Invader.

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07/26/2013 5:27pm

Maybe a novelty question, but curious if anybody has experience with this?

I seem to always be swapping my Invaders back and forth from a tight 2x12 diagonal closed back to a bluesbreaker cab, and in both set-ups they are 90% incredible speakers, articulate and punchy with a misty-dark, almost serrated quality that is new to me. I love the looser bass in the bluesbreaker and the recessed flinty highs in the closed-back diagonal cab (in both set-ups the mids are gorgeous). Seems consistent for both an AC-30 and a 71 JMP.

So another swap, this time into a 4x12 closed back, some kind of front-loading Fender with a swampy 'modern' grillcoth (x-sonic whatever). Two Invaders on top, nothing on the bottom. And sure enough, (though an fat AC-30-type business, so far) here are those blooming 3D highs, articulate but with a wonderful mineral sheen to them and those growling underground lows. Mids persist, resplendent. Best of both worlds, finally.

That was my strange little experiment. Be happy to hear similar stories, or explanations for why this works or doesn't for most people, or random thoughts on vented cabs. Invasion strategies, by land, sea or space.

07/31/2013 10:11am

I also was having problems with which cabinet to run.

Fell in love with a 26"X26"X14" diagnal twin 12 cabinet.

Just need more!! Then I remembered that SUNN made

such a cabinet. SUNN BETA 202 is the cabinet you are 

looking for, and a couple of companies are talking about                                                                        

building such a cabinet. Check with Son Set Beach Cabinets!

They can build you a twin 12 ported cabinet like the SUNN.

Ebay had one for sale,and I lost out on the BID. You can

find pictures of the cab on SUNN Image websites to see 

what it looks like. Also Eminence makes a cabinet software

program you can purchase,then plug in your speaker spec's

and get the diminesion you need as well as port size and lengths.

HAVE FUN,and remember WGS is the VOICE of TONE!!!!!!



07/31/2013 10:24am

Chech out a SUNN BETA 202 diagnal twin 12 with dual ports.Ivader 50 and Retro 30 sounds GREAT, but if you need smoother highs go with the British Lead. I like to run large amount of power on my cabenits for clarity and precense. Example: 100 watt rated cabinet,I prefer to double that(200w) so I do not need to worry about distortion and clipping.


08/02/2013 7:43pm

Interesting, I'll see what I can find out there. Sunn stuff seems harder to find these days. I used to have a Music Man ported 2x12, which was massive with the stock speakers, but traded it long before I checked out the Invaders :( It was great to hear the invaders come alive in this little experiment, I had a feeling they had it in them.

And by the way, my effluent waxings about the Invaders aside, I wouldn't recommend them as bedroom/couch/fuzzy slippers/boutique pedal showroom kind of speakers. These are in my opinion gigging speakers, meant to be played loud, a pair of these will nail every moustache, rat-tail, and neo-mullet to the back wall of the club and bounce right back. Tonebender and wah friendly, but leave the TS at home...