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1x15" for a JTM45

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08/14/2012 5:43am

I have a JTM45 clone with GEC KT66 and although it is not a common combination, I want to connect it to a 15" speaker into an open cabinet. I'd expext it would add an American flavor to that amp. 

What sound style are 15" WGS models inspired?... tweed, blackface?


Ceramic or alnico for overdriving these KT66 and nice cleaning at low volume?








08/28/2012 3:45pm

I would expect that to be a very big, round, juicy combination!  The WGS G15 is in the vein of a 60's Jensen C15N ... think '63 Vibroverb, as opposed to a lower power C15 P/Q from the tweed era.

If you can swing the bucks, the AlNiCo is always a sweeter tone, especially on top ... however, the Ceramic version is very nearly as sweet, and would possibly have just a little more authoritative bottom end.

Please post back with your results, I'm very curious!!