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1x12 closed back options for a 60w amp

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02/02/2012 6:27pm

Hi there! I have a modded peavey triumph 60 watt amp that I received naked, so I have built a chassis for it and an accompanying closed back 1x12, and I'm wondering if the invader would be a good choice or perhaps something else... I am assuming that its output is still 60 watts (so really 30 in practice, right?), however I cant be sure that the power output is stock because I have no way of knowing for sure what was done to it. I can say that it blew a vintage cts 12" that I had (which also could have been any wattage rating-the only thing that I could determine was that it was most likely 8 ohms, which is what I wired it for), so I'm concerned about being able to push enough power. As far as tone goes, I'm looking for a wide range of versatility, this triumph has a killer bright clean tone and a screaming lead tone, and I want to use both extremesand everything in between..what would be best? Thanks in advance

02/03/2012 10:50am

Because you state:

"I'm looking for a wide range of versatility, this triumph has a killer bright clean tone and a screaming lead tone, and I want to use both extremes and everything in between..what would be best"

I'm going to say either the Reaper HP or the Liberator ... both are good for a wide variety of tones/styles in a sealed single 12 cab.

Hope this helps ... post back here with your results!

02/04/2012 10:45pm

Thanks for the reply! I know that somewhere else in the forum, the reaper was suggested for a similar situation (versatility with cleans/dist), but I wanted to be sure. I'll be ordering soon!

03/07/2012 3:33pm

double dip

03/07/2012 3:57pm

So after carefully weighing my options, listening to all of your incredibly helpful demos, and thinking about what i really wanted out of a speaker, i chose the liberator 80 for my custom 1x12. This speaker ROCKS! The punchy mids compliment my peavey triumph's mid-heavy gain perfectly, i get great attack and response, and ample (but not too ample) low end. I get a resonance at around 98 hz that's kind of weird (100% due to cab design), but the liberator mitigates it much more so than the speaker i was using before by being so beefy in that entire spectrum. This speaker is great by itself in a rock band setting and really "sets my sound apart" when i'm playing with people that are using 4x12's and so on. As far as the clean tone, it's still really great and didn't lose a thing. The triumph has an EXTREMELY bright clean tone, so there's lots of shimmer on top of all that mid range, and i don't feel like i need to cater to the clean tone as much as i do the crunch.

But i couldn't stop there..i have another 1x12 combo shell laying around, so I ordered an invader 50 as well. This one doesnt work for me personally as well on it's own, having much more high end breakup, but when i run it with the liberator, it's a great compliment for rounding out the high end, in either a recording situation or a mic'd live situation where the house sound is generally knocking off my high end attack. Overall, this is a great speaker, but if i had to choose a 'desert island' tone it would be my liberator with my peavey.

I have run them both with my marshall tsl 100w head as well, and in tandem i like them better than my marshall 4x12 with g12t-75's (from a tone perspective). I'm thinking about building a 2x12 for the marshall with liberators, although i might try something like the et-65's once i really start looking into it. Either way, you can bet it will be something from warehouse speakers, these are REALLY good quality, especially when i consider the price.