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11/05/2013 6:37pm

Vaughn.......I've read in past threads that you recommend the ET65 for open back cabs and the Retro 30 for closed back cabs in a 1x12 configuration.  Can you elaborate on this.  I have both these speakers in  1x12 cabs but I installed them opposite to the way you recommended .  I was just wondering what the tonal differences would be the way you recommend.

11/09/2013 8:46pm

For me personally ... and the other folks who have done shootouts & listening tests with me ... that's just what we like better.

The ET65 just blooms in open-back ... but is good closed, too ... and the Ret 30 really comes into it's own in a closed cab (as does the Vet 30).

11/15/2013 2:02am

Vaughn, I have one of those JCA 20 1x12 closed-back combos (though I Jose-modded mine) and was wondering what speaker you could recommend since you're quite the guru when it comes to WGS and this particular amp.  I've tried plenty of speakers, but when one aspect of tone gets fixed, another goes missing!  

Right now, I'm leaning towards the Retro 30 or the ET65.  The Retro 30 sounds KILLER for modern tones, but I'm not too sure how it'd work out for cleans.  On the flip side, the ET65's tone and sparkle from WGS's demos is everything I want in a speaker: it sounds organic/full when clean and tight/ballsy with the pre-amp pushed.  However, I've read that it can be a bit 'sterile' in a 1x12 and even that it's meant to "darken" your tone.

I know it's asking for a lot, but I look forward to your input!

Speakers I've tried: stock Emi, Cel. V30, Cel. G12h30 55hz, Cel. G12m65 creamback, Mojotone BV30h


11/16/2013 1:24pm

Wow, you've tried a LOT of speakers ... Maybe it's time to give up & move on!

If not, I think the speaker I would try is the new ET90 ... if you are thinking about the ET65 tone ... but with a bit more balls and volume ... or go with your gut on the Ret 30, which will add a bit of sparkle to the top and a bit of extended bottom.

Jay Bissonnette
11/25/2020 9:25am

I know this is an old thread, but I just picked up a JCA 2112RC. One of the previous owners put a Madison in it, if you like very dark bass it's fine, they also did a depth, and treble mod (both coming out so I can start from stock). But I play mostly blues, classic rock, 80's hair, some country. I like the sound of the Ret30, but was wondering the opinions on the Reaper 30 in the same amp? Thanks

12/07/2020 4:53pm

Hi Jay, given your findings, you'll probably still find the Reaper too dark!