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1973(?) Fender Pro Reverb

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03/19/2012 11:10am

Hi - I've got a Silverface Fender Pro Reverb that I think is a 1973 (that year is stamped on one of the transformers). Speakers are Fender labeled 'By Utah'. They sound ok when playing clean, but when I crank the OD & get into the lower registers, there's a significant rattle / buzzing that I'm pretty sure is the speakers. I'm interested in getting recommendations for speaker replacements. I'm looking to run this amp fairly clean most of the time, but it sounds like it could rock out on occasion.


Thanks for any help!

03/20/2012 8:58pm

I am not a professional here but since I can't get a response to my question I figured I would help you out on yours. This is really a question of do you want a traditional Fender "American" tone or are you looking for something a little smoother. My recommendation for you would be the G12C without a doubt. This speaker gives you that Vintage Jensen tone with much better overdrive tones. Teh G12C will give you amazing fender clean tones and when you boost it with an OD pedal the speaker really stands out with that Fender midrange "bark" really nice tone both clean and OD. The response is very immediate and the speaker is touch sensative and dynamic. It may not be quite as smooth when overdriven as a British speaker but the OD is classic American Rock tone. If you want something a little smoother when overdriven but not quite as fender clean but still very touch responsive and dynamic I would go 2 Veteran 30's or for a bigger more 3D sound a Veteran 30 paired with a ET-65. Check out You tube and search for WGS speakers. Vaughn from WGS did a ton of videos with clips of each clean and dirty. The G12C is one that he did a video on and you will hear that it is classic Jensen American Kick ASS. My favorite all around combo when listening to Vaughns demos are the one listed WGS 2-12 ET-65 and Reaper. That is a huge sound and in my opinion much better than the Veteran 30 and Et-65 but probably not as good with a Fender circuit. Good Luck

03/28/2012 2:06pm

Wow - this is really helpful - thanks Thice!

04/12/2012 7:48am

I'd pretty much mirror those comments.  The biggest question with any vintage Fender amp is: "do you LIKE the way this amp sounds ... (or is intended to sound), or do you want to change/augment it"?

To keep it the way Leo envisioned ... a pair of G12C's.

To beef up the bottom, warm it up and make it handle dirt better, go with ET65's.

Somewhere in the middle? Go Reaper.

Oh, & feel free to mix-n-match, of course ...

Hope this helps ... please post back with your results!