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1964 Gibson GA17 RVT Scout

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Thomas Pennington
03/17/2015 5:35pm

I have a Gibson Scout GA17 RVT.  Low powered all original tube amp with volume, reverb, trem controls.  Cabinet is open back and large enough to house a 12 in. speaker but came stock with a 10 in, which is in it now and works fine.  Looks like a tiny magnet, and it may be alnico.  Don't really want to change to a 12 in speaker.  Amp is incredibly bright and absolutely nails the sound of stuff like "I Can See For Miles", "For What It's Worth", "Crimson & Clover" and jangly type stuff with almost any electric guitar.


I may want to try changing out the 10 in. speaker and looking for suggestions.  I kind of like some of that brightness as it is a change from some of my other amps that are a bit darker sounding.  And I totally dig the sound of the brightness combined with the  trem & rev, which fits the some of the material that I cover.


So.... What say ye????  Thanks!

03/17/2015 8:12pm

G10C for sure ... NOT smooth-cone!

Only consideration: it'll make the amp a pound or two heavier ... and a lot louder!  If you don't want either of those things, then go Vet 10.

Thomas Pennington
03/19/2015 10:33am

G10C is on it's way.  The original speaker mounting screws in the amp look very tiny... hoping I don't have issues getting the new speaker mounted.  Again, if you have advise, I'd love to hear it.  I'll keep you posted.


Thomas Pennington
03/26/2015 10:54am

Speaker arrived and has been installed.  Small bolts appear to work just fine.  Most of the amp character is still there... still fairly bright but not quite as bright as the original speaker.  Lots more bottom end.  Overall, just a lot more of what was there before.  Yes, much more efficient, as in louder.  The amp sounds like a real amp now.

However, one small issue... but not with the speaker itself.  The reverb howls uncontrollably.  Don't think it's a tube issue as I've tapped on the tubes and cannot hear anything unusable.  When I tap on the reverb pan, it seems to start the noise that becomes too much.  It is mounted on what appears to be rubber washers.  I've loosened them up a bit as it was tightened down fairly hard.  I'm going to look for some softer and larger rubber washers and try remounting the pan.  I may also search for a pan bag to house the pan.  If all else fails, yes, I'll try new tubes.

Any other suggestions???

Thomas Pennington
03/27/2015 6:08pm

G10C is in and sounds really great!  Yes, more volume.... more weight, more of everything that was in there before.  Was concerned about the small mounting bolts, but turned out not to be a problem.  Also had some howling reverb issues that turned out to be the pan vibrating in the cab, not a microphonic tube.  Re-mounted the reverb pan with the aid of new rubber washers and weather stripping.  No more howling!  Very cool sounding amp that is now usable.  Time to get down with a few more mid '60's covers!


Thomas Pennington
05/12/2016 6:37pm

Been a while...  G10C did exactly what you said it would.  Louder, heavier, and sounding like a real amp.  As long as I used it for the afore mentioned type tunes, as in late 60's type pop stuff or surf.  However, I am no longer playing that type of music.  And I still hear this amp, with the G10C as being incredibly bright.  

Most of what I'm playing is blues type stuff, with some classic rock type tunes thrown in.  I'd like to be able to take out a bunch of that brightness from this amp.  So, ten inch speaker suggestion for this good old Gibson Scout that will sound good but not be so bright.


Thomas Pennington
07/30/2016 2:49pm

.... any suggestions for getting rid of too much brightness???  Thanks.