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12" for Pignose G40V

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09/11/2012 9:59pm

Hey Vaughn, I'm thinking about having a larger 1x12 combo cab built for my G40V.  Right now I have a Celestion G10 Vintage in it, but I feel like a 10" holds back those 40 watts.  I'd like nice Bassman-ish cleans, something that will smooth out the spikey treble (without mudding things up), good bass response, not too much midrange honk, and tight & thick OD tones.  Hopefully it would be pedal friendly too.  I'm thinking about trying the ET65.  What do you think about that one with the Piggy, or is there a better match?

09/14/2012 9:52am

Wow! I had one for about 10 years or so, sold it, and now I've bought another one.  Check out MY BLOG where I discuss my quest for the perfect G40V speaker.  For those of you who don't know, the G40V was designed by amp guru Dennis Kager ... and made in China, of course.  If you don't know who Dennis is, you SHOULD!  Check out: http://www.vintageguitar.com/5407/dennis-kager/  Anyway, the power section is basically the same values as a tweed bassman, and the pre-amp section is Dennis's own concoction.  Plug this thing into a Marshall 4x12 and it sounds like a JTM45! 

Stock they basically sound like crap.  The cab is TINY(!!) and made of terrible particle board, and the 10" speaker is terrible - harsh, stiff & sterile.  The G10 makes the little pig rock fairly nicely, but I too have often considered building a different cab for the G40V.  That cab just has too little internal volume to allow any waves below about 140Hz to fully excurt.

I do believe the ET65 would work very well with the G40V ... probably my 1st choice, especially if you could build the cab so that the speaker compartment is a sealed box ... enabling some good thump.  Other good choices: The G12C/S and Reaper HP.

Also, there are a BUNCH of mods out there for the G40V, here are some that I feel are important ... see an amp tech if you can't do this yourself.  I'll list them in order of importance ... most important first:

1. The pre-amp employs an overly eager high-cut to keep the amp from getting flubby (and blowing the stock speaker) when the input is cranked.  When going for clean tones, this means you will never have enough bottom end ... correct this!

2. The stock Chinese power and output trannys are very under-sized, bad sounding, and prone to failure.  Replace them.  This will require a little drilling on the chassis.

3. The mid control frequency is way too high ... move it down where it outta be ... or better yet, add a 5-position switch, this mod is highly recommended by many G40V owners.

Along with the new speaker, these changes will totally rock your little G40V.  You know how now the bass control does NOTHING?  ... and  you always keep the midrange way down ... probably the same goes for the treble and presence ... well, all of that is fixin' to change!

09/21/2012 10:18pm

Thanks a lot for the info!!  I went ahead and ordered the ET65, and I'm having a custom 1x12 cab built for it.  Should be a great improvement, and when funds allow, I'll definitely look into those mods.  The guy building the cab is a good tech.  I'm having him look it over while doing the cab because it sometimes makes a loud 'pop' after playing for a half hour or so.  It's probably heat related, and due to sloppy wiring, cheap tranny, etc.  

04/07/2013 9:32pm

Hey all, noob here, i did a really nice mod to my G40V. Here's the story, i have a Randall WMX30, fantastic SS amp, 1x12, with a nice G12T-75 Celestion speaker. The problem was that i tipped it one day and the distortion went bye bye. Not the end of the world, but never used it much after. Now the good part(some may know where i'm going, lol), i bought a G40V from the local store, i loved it obviously. During this visit i also played a Carvin Vintage 16...stellar as well. The two sounded pretty close, to me, but i went for the higher wattage...beacaue of the mod i was thinking of doing, i eventually did...i removed the G40V guts, and installed it in the Randal cabinet...WOW. The G40V went from really nice, to amazing with the larger cab, and the stellar speaker(to me). It looks friggin badass as well(will upload pics asap).

Anyway, i haven't done any mods other than that, tubes, etc. I run the amp through my Ampeg 2x12 cab and i'm beside myself with joy. I'm a clean guy mostly, jazz, blues, etc, and this is perhaps the best setup i think i'll ever want and/or need.

Now the even better part...i hope, i just scored a G60VRH(head) on ebay for $200.now i did want a nice head, i already have a Peavey Valveking, but wanted more compact with balls. I will probably build a cabinet for the G60V, and install amonster 12", any recommendations would be appreciated. Again, i'm mostly a clean guy.

With respect, i don't forum much, but look forward to interacting with you folks...later

04/09/2013 7:43pm

Cool! And welcome to our friendly little world.  Yea, it's really too bad the G40's were put in such a terrible little cabinet!

For the G60 piggie ... if it were me, I'd go with a Blackhawk HP if cost were no concern ... after that would probably be the ET65.