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10" Speakers for 2x10 and 4x10 - recommendations?

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10/27/2011 6:46pm

Hi all - I'm new here and because of all the press over at TGP.

I have a few 10" that I really love - EVM10M, Fane AXA10, and a EV Force 10. The Force 10 with the Fane is a great combo and fills in the "gaps" of its couterpart. This is really a combination where the two together are "better than each invidually."

So I am new here and want to start this "phase" of my speaker search.

What would you all recommend for a 2x10" combo (Fender Deluxe with 2x10 baffle; currently loaded with Weber 10F150 O/ and T AND for any 2x10 cab to go with say a Bassman head,


What say you for a 4x10" Mather cab that has an Ampeg V2 head on top of it? Loved the roar of the original 10" CTS speakers but those are gone now. My best combo so far are 4-Celestion G10L-35's (note:some have recommended the Webers with an Alnico and Ceramic X-pattern).

Hit me!

10/28/2011 6:45pm

Hi!  I'm a big fan of 10" speakers, too, and I've covered this subject thoroughly on my blog.  You might search through it for a lot of answers!

In a nutshell - our little Vet 10's are surprisingly good sounding tens - we did some shootouts putting them against Jensen and Eminence alnico tens and vintage CTS tens - check the blog for that.  We did it with both 4x10 Super Reverbs and 2x10 Vibroluxes.

And, as for our G10's (A&C) - they are absolutely the best sounding tens ver made.  They are the speakers that brought me to WGS's doorstep.  Again, check the blog ... then come back if ya still got unanswered questions!